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Copy of JFM - Juggling

No description

Ekaterina Petrova

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Copy of JFM - Juggling

When it's time for JFM?
What is your benefit
Company View:
Less fluctuation
Less absences
Stress reduction
Lower personel/medical assurance costs
Better Employers Commitment

JFM is coming to YOU

no costs for transportation
no unnesserily lost of time
no additional equipment
flexible teams 1-12

Juggle Your Life

Material: Juggling Balls (included)
Space: Indoor/Outdoor
Preparation: No previous knowledgs
or skills required

Time: 30 to 60 min/weekly

What is JFM?
What is your benefit?
How does it work?
What do you need?
When do you use JFM?
How do you use JFM.

Team View:
Better working atmosphere
Individual View:
Connecting left and right brain halves
Dopamine release
Sense of achievment
Learning how to learn
Relaxing/meditation state
Creativity release
Gaining new energy
Anti-Stress effect
Posture correcting

Cross-cultural meetings
Inter-departmental collaboration
Kick-Off Meeting

Smoke Stop Support
Concentration Booster
Mental Activity Booster
What is JFM
JFM is a (corporate) health program
based on the synthesis of my professional life.

It combines my professional skills as
Circus Artist @Moscow State Circus
with my professional expiriences as
Marketing, Business Development & Communication Manager International.

JFM helps to increase physical and mental health by
- activating the synaptic exchange - easy and concentrated moves
- exercising body & mind through
juggling simultaneously
- elements of the simple playing
How it happens
JFM Findings
3 balls juggling -
3rd to 6th unit
Team spirit and co-helping
Lot of laugh
Juggling and Brain Growth
Study Universiy of Regensburg, 2004

Juggling and elderly brains
Univercity Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf, 2008

Juggling boosts concentration
Study at the School, Germany, 2009
I was looking for each next juggling lesson! It is so pity, that it is over.

- Kein Ablenken
- Konzentration
- MA anderer Abteilungen
- Abstand vom Job
- Nicht zu stressen, die Sachen langsam angehen
- Nimm dir Zeit für das wirklich Wichtige
- Seminar hat sehr Spass gemacht mit dem Team
- Vertrauen
- EInige grundlegende Gedanken zum Thema Lernen
- eine weitere Ausgleichsmöglichkeit im Alltag
- Kenne mehr Leute im Betrieb
- Die Konzentration auf 1 Ball bereits reicht um abzuschalten/erholen vom Arbeitsstress/Druck
- Besserer Kontakt zu Kollegen, nicht zu verbissen sein, Geduld zu üben
- Es war eine super Erfahrung mit unseren Mitarbeitern etwas anderes zu machen, statt immer über Arbeit zu sprechen
- Mir mehr Zeit zu lassen
- Körperhaltung
- Rhythmisieren des Körpers
- Freien Kopf

JFM is
a very simple,
user friendly
tool for daily use to
reach holistic health
and life balance.
JFM Study
30 participants
15th March - 15 May 2015
8 juggling units totally
30 min. once a week
Ekaterina Petrova
Mob. + 41 79 758 80 65


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