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The Maiden, The Frog, and the Chief's Son

No description

Allison Jones

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of The Maiden, The Frog, and the Chief's Son

The Maiden, the Frog, and the Chief's Son Allie Jones, Mira Cordell, Omar White, Raegan Smith, and Ryan Abraham Plot Attributes of the Original Cinderella Story Analysis No matter how horrible one's circumstances may be, life can always get better. The maiden has no input in her own life: her stepmother orders her around, the frog basically tells the maiden what she should do, the prince marries her without her agreement, and she hardly ever speaks for herself in the story -- the narrator speaks for her. The Prince Sibling Rivalry Levels of Violence half-sister chopped up by the townspeople
verbal abuse Cinderella's Treatment forced into servitude
- gathers wood
-cooks every day
-only fed leftover burnt bits
does not deserve to be treated so unfairly
-did nothing wrong
-her stepmother calls her a "rascally slut"
-self-proclaimed slave
half sister is a bystander and does not stop the mother's harassment A man has two wives and each wife has one daughter. He favors one wife over the other. The one he dislikes dies, and leaves her daughter, the maiden (Cinderella), in the care of the favored wife. The maiden is put to work everyday and only given scrapings to eat. On her way to her elder brothers compound, she meets a frog who becomes her “fairy-godmother”. The frog tells her to come back the following day, the day of the Festival. The next day, the maiden goes to try the shoe on and it fits! Therefore, the chief’s son declares her his future wife and she visits the frog once again to get a wedding dress and furniture for her new compound with her husband. The frog orders her to treat the wives of the chief's son nicely, but if the maiden's stepmother comes she is supposed to trick them. One night, the maiden’s half sister and the evil stepmother come into the compound; they come up with a way to switch the evil sister with the maiden, allowing the half sister to act as an imposter. The frog and the chief’s son eventually realize she is not the real maiden and they chop her up. The real maiden is found and returned to the chief’s son. They live happily ever after, and have a well dug for the frogs to live in. When she goes to the frog that day, he swallows her and vomits her back up. When the frog does this, she comes out looking like a princess, not like herself. He then vomits up a dress, bangles, rings, and one golden shoe and one silver shoe. During the festival, the chief’s son has a “ball” and dances with the maiden. The frog advised her earlier to leave the golden shoe behind when she was leaving the ball. When she does this, the chief’s son picks it up and begins to search for the maiden to whom it belongs. Later, the frog reverses her princess effect by swallowing her once again and vomiting her back up as the original slave that she is. Her stepmother yells at her and calls her horrible names for disappearing and leaving her chores undone. Passive or Active more passive than active
does whatever someone tells her to do
does not make important decisions on her own
-whether or not to go to the Festival
-who she lives with
-what she wears slight sibling rivalry
maiden does all the work, while half-sister does nothing
the step-mother initiated the swap, not the half-sister
rivalry is more between the stepmother and the maiden Role of the Father father only briefly mentioned as "a man had two wives"
no other appearances in the tale
frog is around more than the father
frog refers to the maiden as "my daughter" The Ball no ball, only festival
frog says the maiden is required to...
-return right before the dancing ends
-leave her gold shoe behind The Fairy Godmother frog = fairy godfather
very involved in the story
controls the maiden and her future
frog is a symbol of a god and resurrection the chief's son saw the maiden and immediately told his servants to fetch her
chatted throughout the evening, but the maiden had to leave before the festival was over
chief's son searches for the girl whose foot will fit in the golden shoe left behind by the maiden
after he finds her, they are wed Relationship with the Prince has wealth and power
able to do whatever he wants
multiple wives
plays usual typical role of the prince
-picks up the shoe
-love at first sight
-dancing together only once
-has only one conversation
walks her halfway home, so he cares about her
knows his wife well enough to know when her half-sister is trying to impersonate her Dead Mother mother dies, maiden goes to live with fellow-mother
sets abuse and mistreatment into motion
frog replaces her dead mother
frog calls her his daughter Function of Magic frog is magical
-vomits up anything she needs
-talks and gives the maiden advice The Ending Implied Cultural Values less like Disney, more like Grimm
-Grimm: stepsister dies in the end
-Disney: godmother does not have a role in the end, but in this tale the frog is given a place to live in the maiden's well
a relatively happy ending
marriage and polygamy
young women are not given much freedom or power
the importance of family
slavery The only time she changes her own fate is when she feeds the frog and he returns the favor by giving her all she could ever wish for. So, if someone shows kindness towards others, an act of kindness will also be displayed towards them.
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