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Copy of SMART Goal Plan

No description

Kristen Goulet

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of SMART Goal Plan

SMART Goal Plan
Is it specific?
Measure the goal
When you set a goal, first ask yourself if it is specific enough. I can set a goal of riding a long distance. A long distance for one bicyclist might be to ride from N.H. to Florida. For another bicyclist, a long distance might be ten miles. Be specific!
I can measure my biking goal by keeping a log of my distances I ride each time. For instance, I would write the date I ride, the time of day I ride, then I would record the distance I traveled.
Can I do it?
to reach, achieve, or accomplish; gain; obtain: to attain one's goals.

Can I really bike from N.H. to FL? Probably not. I can set a goal to bike ten miles, that is easier to achieve or attain as a goal.
Connected to me?
Is this important and meaningful to me? If you can not find relevance for the goal, you should probably change the goal.
Hop on that Bike!
How long do I have?
Will I be able to bike ten miles in one week? Two weeks? A month? Set a reasonable time to achieve the goal and times to practice and work toward the goal. If you have an ipod or planner, you can record your progress each time you practice! Have fun...
Pedal toward that goal! Beware, you will face distractions along the way like dogs barking or even chasing you. There might be frustrations too like the chain falling off. It is important to hop back on the seat and pedal on after these distractions and setbacks. Keep your goal in sight! Enjoy the ride.
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