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SS 9: English Civil War King Charles I of England

No description

Devon Allen

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of SS 9: English Civil War King Charles I of England

King Charles I
Charles I
Strong believer in the Divine Right of Kings.
Fight With Parliament
Charles needed money to support his lifestyle.
The Real Fight...
of England
Refused to compromise with anyone.
Charming, dignified, and unconcerned with his subjects.
Narrow Minded.
Faith in Friends
Believed in the Duke of Buckingham even though it led him to war and alienation.

He had to get it from parliament.
Parliament would have to tax the people to get the money.
They would do this if Charles agreed to respect their power.
He would agree without the intention of keeping his promise.
Charles wanted to be free of the Parliament.
He didn’t want to have to ask them for money.
He brought back “Ship Money”
Old tax to build ships for the Navy.
He spent the money on himself...
He made people loan him money!
Tunnage and Poundage
Taxes on the weight of in coming goods.
Mo Money, Mo Problems...
Charles needed more money than he was making.
Recalls Parliament and asks them for money.
Predictably, they say
He decides to rule without them again…
The Duke is Killed...
The Duke is assassinated by an ex-military man who believed the duke had not given him a promotion... many scholars believe it was really parliament that was behind it!
Strafford and Laud
With his beloved Duke dead, Charles I turned to these two schemers...
was a master at making money!
believed in the extravagances of decorations and rituals for the church.
Long Parliament
1637 – Just 12 years after taking the throne, King Charles I was in serious trouble.
In 1637 Charles tried to convert all of Scotland to the Church of England.
The Scots Revolted
Charles needed money to fight and recalls parliament.

Parliament sided with Scotland
He dissolved it again…
The Long Parliament
He calls a new parliament in 1640…
They demand that Laud and Strafford are removed from power and executed...
Parliament of King?
Parliament decided that Monarchs should no longer have absolute power.
How do you take power away from a king?
How much power does a king actually have?
Charles I - I'll show you my power!
Charles knew something was going on…
He raises an army, invades parliament to arrest the leaders.
Flees north, crown jewels get pawned…
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