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Desktop Prezumé by Reham Rasmy

No description

Reham Rasmy

on 31 January 2017

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Transcript of Desktop Prezumé by Reham Rasmy

Personal Information
Mob:0106125494,0115325435 Tel: 0882409426
 24 El-Galaa St. second, Assuit, Egypt
May 2012 Bachelor of Commerce - English Section, Assuit University
Communication & People Skills:
• Discussed and articulated a presentation theme.
• Trained a team (10-20 members) on writing the presentation script and body language.
• Evaluated the performance of three teams and redirected them.
• Wrote the script of the presentation.
• Presented the project ideas and results in the annual presentation event.
• Trained two Project Managers on vice Manager tasks.
• Nominated one of the two trained Managers to be in charge of Vice Manger tasks next year

Leadership and Management Skills:
• Led a presentation team of 10 members.
• Delegated tasks among members according to their abilities and interests.
• Managed and directed the team on the presentation to meet the deadline.
• Monitored and directed three teams (10-20 members).

Taha Ali Hasan Ahmed
Contact Information
A Customer Service Representative in HSBC Bank where my
diplomatic abilities, language
computer skills
are needed to
understand customer needs
offer the best solution in order to deliver the best service.
DON`t write your objective from self-centered point of view as the employer is interested in hiring you for what you will do for them, not fulfilling your private goals and agenda.

Try to convey a powerful message ' I am the superior candidate because ................ '
Here you can list:
Colleges, location, degrees, major and dates.
include GPA only if outstanding and relevant. (not less than 3.0)
Internship, fellowships, honor, major research,significant courses under separate headings.
computer :
Good user of MS Office,Win & Internet

language :
Arabic: Native
English: Very Good

Date of Birth :10th of October,1991
Marital status : Single
Military status: Postpone
Grade: Good
Extra Courses:
General English-level ten, Axon, Assuit
Course included:
 Presentation skills
 Speaking and listening skills
 Reading and writing skills

Assisted president in administration, management and strategic planning of three projects.
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