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Lessons from a Flipped Classroom

Presentation at Baylor University, to a group of faculty members as part of their Seminar for Excellence in Teaching.

Jennifer Ebbeler

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Lessons from a Flipped Classroom

Lessons from a Flipped Classroom
Dr. Jennifer Ebbeler
Associate Professor of Classics
University of Texas, Austin
Transfer + Manipulation
Assigned "Readings": Primary + Secondary
Problem Sets/Practice Questions
Discussion: live and online
Lecture: Pre-recorded + Live
Socratic method

Institutional: resources (tech; learning specialists; staff, $$) + support for risk-taking
F 11 F12 Sp 13
A: 29.5 25 41
A-: 12.5 15 10
B+: 9 15.5 9
B: 16 15.5 10.5
B-: 9 8 6
C+: 4 3 4
C-F: 20 18 19.5

What is a "Flipped Class"?
Traditional Liberal Arts
vs Problem-Based Disciplines
Ian Bogost, "The Condensed Classroom"
Flipped Classrooms and Mastery Learning
Students Flip a Class, not the Instructor!
Baylor University
Seminar for Excellence in Teaching
28 October 2013
University of Pennsylvania

Derek Bruff, "Class Time Reconsidered"
Golden Rules
the Space of Learning
What is the entirety of course content and student learning in your course?
In class and outside of class: some lecture, some reading, some review of facts, some manipulation of content
What tools, structure, accountability do I need to put in place to facilitate this learning?
Active, not passive
Technology serves pedagogy
Good enough is best
Video lecture as last resort
Make your own OR carefully curate
Select content thoughtfully
Structure + Accountability
Weekly Quizzes (+practice quizzes)
Discussion board
exam wrappers
Does "buy in" matter?
Midterm #2

Students: Resistance to becoming more active learners; perception of "more work"
I Hate The Flipped Class!
How to Flip Your Class
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