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How Much Weight Can Your Boat Float?

No description

7th grade science

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of How Much Weight Can Your Boat Float?

How many pennies will an aluminum foil boat hold without sinking?
If we put 10 pennies in the boats they will still float, but I think more than 20 will make it sink.

Control variable: Water level, foil
Dependent variable: Number of pennies
Independent variable: Shape of boat.
1. Use the aluminum foil and tape to construct at least 5 boats with different sizes and shapes.
2. Assign a number to each boat.
3. Fill bucket with water.
4. Float 1 boat in the water .
5.Be sure there are no leaks in the boat.
6. Add 1 pennie at a time.
7.Keep adding till the boat sinks.
8. Count the pennies that were in the boat.
9. Record data.
10. Repeat.
How Much Weight Can Your Boat Float?
Conduct The Experiment
We put the first boat in the water. We made sure it had no leaks and we started putting pennies in and the boat sunk at 13. We did this 3 times with each boat 1st boat; 13, 15, and 22. Second boat; 33, 47, and 42. Third boat; 16, 17, and 23. Fourth boat; 65, 72, and 67. Fifth boat; 74, 81, and 87.
I would make the boats thicker and a little taller.
Thin boats won't hold weight good.
By: Jessica and Carly
Number of Pennies:
Trial 1:
Boat one: 13
Boat two: 33
Boat three: 16
Boat Four: 65
Boat Five: 74
Trial 2:
Boat One: 15
Boat Two: 47
Boat Three: 17
Boat Four: 72
Boat Five: 81
Trial 3:
Boat One: 22
Boat Two: 42
Boat Three: 23
Boat Four: 67
Boat Five: 87
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