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Exploritory Robots

No description

Aariyon Young

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Exploritory Robots

Exploritory Robots
The task of the Mars rover was to explore and pick up/send information back to earth. The human function the Mars rover simulates is to move and see.
how is the robot taught
How the mars rover was taught to preform its task was by developing a novel, end to end fully integrated system.
The impact of the robot had on its audience, it that it lets human explore places they can't go second hand.
This robot could be altered to preform more or different tasks in the future like collect samples and store them or travel back and forth between places remotely.
Where & Work Envelope
End Effector
The Mars rovers robotic end effector is multifunctional.
The task the robot preforms is SCAIP (Single Command Approach and Instrument Placement.)
The sensors the robot has is REMS (Rover Environmental Monitoring Station)& MEDLI (Atmospheric Sensors.)
The mars rover uses REMS by an opening inside the rovers electronic box that is exposed and has a filter to measure environmental changes.
the mars rover uses MEDLI by using 7 other sensors from 2 kinds of instruments.
Careers and Jobs
The types of jobs and careers this robot can create is engineering and robotics/automation.
Advantages & Disadvantages
The robots advantages was to explore different places that humans cant go.
The disadvantages of the robot is that you cant fix it right away when it breaks down.
The robot is used on Mars and has 5 degrees of freedom.
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