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Beef and Masculinity

No description

Christina Ceisel

on 13 December 2016

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Transcript of Beef and Masculinity

Where's the Beef?
Meat and Masculinity
"real men" have a natural essence

in contrast with performances of femininity, which changes with fashion and politics

these depictions of "retrograde" masculinity are a reaction to the anxieties around the rise of the metrosexual
Going Metro....
this threatens heteromasculine hegemony

=> to reassert control, a straight male performance is
asserted naturalizing beef consumption with masculinity
eating makes men appear more masculine
metrosexual tendencies teach men to moniter their bodies and food consumption
this subverts male privilege and gender expectations
parody of liberation
references the women's movement
and sanitation workers strike of 1968
Sex & Meat
consuming food and women are collapsed into the same idea
men dominate both through unrestrained consumption
broadening masculine performance codes, such as metrosexual, have created anxiety, which these commercials capitalize on

rejecting metrosexuality for the "natural" traditional masculinity, denying women's attempts to domesticate them
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