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Noam Chomsky: An Overview of Universal Grammar

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on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Noam Chomsky: An Overview of Universal Grammar

Overview of Universal Grammar
How does this work?
What is Universal Grammar?
Noam Chomsky
An Overview of Universal Grammar

Critical period
L2 Acquisition
L2 follows same UG process if exposed at a young age
The Genie Case

Critical Period Hypothesis
Relating Chomsky to Second Language Acquisition
Why is Chomsky's theory important for us as teachers?
Fundamental Difference Hypothesis
Joseph Galasso 2002
Universal Grammar
exists, but only through an L1 lense
High rate of L1 influenced errors
Second language acquisition is ultimately possible, but it is not an innate process.
Understanding English and Spanish learners mistakes

Spanish Influence on American English

Latin Influence on both English and Spanish
Teachers should know the grammar structure differences between L1 and L2 as this often results in confusion for some students.
L2- Taught in school or acquired by observed experience
Nativist theory- All humans are born with language capacity
"No one learns from explanation and instruction" (Chomsky)
Innate language-learning device
Humans are hard-wired to learn language
Poverty of the stimulus
We set "parameters"
A student is capable of acquiring an L2
through the parameters set by their universal grammar and L1
Ambul- walk, move
Ambulancia, Ambulance

Astro- star, outer spance

Astronauta, astronaut

Multisensory Learning
Speak slowly and always write down key terms
Vector Diagrams
Interpersonal Strategies
Group Projects
Scientific Diagrams
Independent of language
Charts and graph figures
Cooperative Learning
Use closed captioning which helps ELL correlate written and spoken English.
Common Lexicon
Root Words
Make constant connections!
Giving students time to think before sharing
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