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Future KICs Call

Key strategic issues

Vasco de Oliveira Janeiro

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Future KICs Call

From today to October 2013: EIT's readiness to launch the KICs Call FUTURE KICS CALL November 2012 GB Meeting on 3 October Set-up an internal Task Force
Draft planning, tasks and meetings
Draft background document with key strategic and operational issues
Draft Framework Guidance
External expert started benchmark study on criteria and evaluation processes
Set-up GB's WG Future KICs Call Review lessons learnt KICS Call 2009

Plan of the Call
Key strategic issues related to the Call design/concept
Table of contents of the Framework Guidance
Dissemination plan GB Meeting on 13 December Discuss/approve:

Selection/award criteria
Selection and evaluation process (including external experts)
Call communication package GB Meeting on 7 March Discuss/approve:

Final version of Framework Guidance for proposers

Draft Call text GB Meeting on 30 May Approve final Call text

EIT is operational ready
to launch the Call Goals - TF Meeting 28 Nov:
Presentation of time-schedule, discussion on key strategic/operational issues concerning the Call – especially the Call’s design
Discussion on the expert’s (Manfred Horvath) proposal on initiatives for benchmarking
Discussion on the draft Framework Guidance
Discussion on dissemination plan Goals - TF Meeting 10 Dec:
Discussion on selection/award criteria; draft Framework Guidance; dissemination plan > input to WG meeting on 13 Dec Goals - WG Meeting 13 Dec:
Review outcomes of GB meeting
Agree planning of actions until GB meeting on 30 May Goals - TF Meeting 17 Dec:
Review outcomes of GB and WG meetings
Meeting with expert on draft report on evaluation/criteria Goals - TF Meeting 10 Jan:
Discussion on evaluation strategy - process related issues including experts
State of play on IT systems
Review of key documents, including Framework Guidance
Draft structure of the Call text Goals - TF/WG Meeting 18 Jan:
Expert presentation on the:
Call's design
Selection strategy (including experts)
Evaluation criteria (benchmarking study) Goals - TF Meeting 4 Feb:
Review of report from expert on selection/evaluation criteria and processes Goals - TF Meeting 12 Feb:
Discussion on final version of the EIT's note on selection strategy and evaluation criteria; Call's Communication package > input to WG meeting on 19 Feb Goals - WG Meeting 19 Feb:
Discussion/agreement on selection/evaluation criteria and processes; Call communication package > input to GB meeting on 7 March Goals - TF Meeting 19 Mar:
Review outcomes of GB meeting; revise draft Framework Guidance and draft Call text > input to WG meeting on 28 Mar Goals - WG Meeting 26 Mar:
Review outcomes of GB meeting; discuss draft Framework Guidance and draft Call text Goals - TF Meeting 10 Apr:
Review outcomes of WG meeting; finalise Framework Guidance and draft Call text > input to WG meeting on 25 April Goals - WG Meeting 18 Apr:
Finalise/revise Framework Guidance and draft Call text > input to GB meeting on 30 May Goals - TF Meeting 24 April:
Review outcomes of WG meeting and finalise Framework Guidance and draft Call text Goals - TF/WG Meetings Jun-Sep:
Publish Framework Guidance; Finalise Call Text; Communication package Toolkit for KICs; finalisation/testing of IT systems; dissemination events Goals - TF Meeting 14 May:
Consolidation meeting: Framework Guidance and draft Call text > input to GB meeting on 30 May
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