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No description

Lauretta Gbogbo

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of horses

Donkey was
the usual means of transportation when Jesus was born.
Riding horses opened the
world to humans who could
now travel further and faster
than they could while using an
In northern Africa, people use
donkey to carry water they
fetch water far away.
For Travel
Horses play a key role in the
ability of Alexander the great
and his armies to conquer.
For hundreds of years people traveled around
Europe living in their
In Spain, donkeys are still used for
herding and farm work , families travel
by donkey to take their goat to new pastures.
Horses use in
the history.
Horses use
Before there were railroads across
in North America horses will haul heavy wagons along roads that were muddy and hard to travel by any other means of transportation.
Today the Amish still
use horses for work
and travel.
In New Orleans carriage ride
is still possible where horses
give ride around town to the
Mule carts are still used
in Asia to travel.
Trained police horses perform
an important function in
moving officers fast through
crowds of people.
Horses use in United States
Humans started using
horses a long time ago and
there are different kinds of horses.

A presentation by:
Lauretta Gbogbo
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