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3 Years Later...

11C's memories of 3 years at Medina High School.

Medina High

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of 3 Years Later...

3 Years Later...
11C and their memories Michael and James Sammi Lizzie Cat James N Abbii W Beth In 25 words or less... ...meeting fantastic new people
& discovering unfound skills. R1 v G1 <3
Medina has gone so quickly and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve had really great friends and enjoyed all of my lessons. :)
Hope I’ve only been here for two years rather than three but I’ve met some gorgeous folks, and learnt some fings blad. Charlotte Splashing Miss Rackett with the tap, hiding books in history, laughing all through science, global rock with Sammi being hyper. Inside jokes. Good old friend. Captain and crewmate. Always something to smile about. Falling down the hill. Air guitar in enrichment. Best three years yet. Alex These past 3 years have been fun but have gone really quick and this year has gone the quickest and has been pretty tuff but has still been fun.
Don't go to Maths!!!
You won't come back!!! But who's the best? Things that Made us HAPPY
Chip Day
Work Experience
Canteen meals
Fun stuff we do
Natural history museum
Lack of skanky jumpers
Global Rock
Underachievers club
Performing in front of all Year 11

Things that made us SAD
Walking to Maths block for reg when its raining
Not getting free shortbread
Not fun stuff we do
Science cwk tests
Art exams
The idea of leaving Things that mde us CRY
Watching Forrest Gump
Going to Rolling Tutor period
The end of Y11
People leaving
Teachers that made a difference...
Mr Cronin - for his English lessons.
Miss Davies
Miss Roberts for putting up with us in English
Miss Newton - she would always listen
Mrs Begley - for pushing me to A*
Mrs Penketh - for challenging me
Miss Shoreland - making maths a worthwhile subject
Miss Roberts for trying to motivate me Things that made us laugh...
Odd Box on a Friday morning
Stories from teachers
ICT with the Binstead Bad Boys
Miss Brownbill
Y9's and 10's
Welsh Accents
Italian <3
Moved to lower set
Funny accents
Sidney not being able to walk in a straight line.
Abbii's grammar nazism Jordan My experience at Medina High School has been a good one. Get your Spanish coursework done!!!! Anyone for golf!! Making stuff with
plastic bottles. Cake anyone? Year 9 Prizes James Woodford Arts Blast 200? Football!!!!! Great Friends -
Yearby, Chloe, Will, Steph. =D
Thank You!!! ...when I liked my pies!! Yearby Great Nicknames
Best Year 11 ever!! =) Jess Meeting Jack Edmonds, Shannon Steen,
Charlotte Winkworth and Charlotte Legg.

Crazy Memories!

Liam ruining lunch... Every day!!! Thriller on the table with Jasman
Breaking my toes on Matt Lovett's knee?
Little Shop :)
Liam breaking the tree
Photos with mini Jesus! :L At the ****** tree ;D
:) Meeting a special someone. (Yes, that's you, Lewis.)
Every science lesson basically. :L I do love, Hand and Deaks ;D
Especially the lucozade time. Yes, Bea. well done. Mr Scallon was 'Disappointed in you'.
Sun cream fight :)
Just school in general. It's been good (: I don't have ONE worthy memory...

But here are some boring small
ones that not many people
will remember/understand? Mini Jesus 11C don't know about this next bit... Sorry Guys... Presenting...
Class of 2010 Thank You for Watching
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