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Chapit Robot

By Ella and Katrina

Katrina Ramiro

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Chapit Robot

By Katrina and Ella Chapit: A Home Automation Robot Chapit is multi-functional robot that does
simple tasks such as turning on the light and a
variety of electronic devices. It is also able to
recognize a man, woman, or child without having
to do preset programming. Where is the Robot used?
And what is its work envelope? What does it do? Is it multi-functional? The robot is primarily used at homes for it is a
household robot. It's a household robot because it works
your electronics. For example, Chapit can turn on the TV
and on to your favorite channel. How is the robot taught to perform its task? The robot is a voice-recognition technology allowing it to
serve as a voice activated universal remote. So the user simply
talks to the robot saying the commands and the Chapit does it! What sensors does it have? Chapit has a built-in infrared ray sensor that detects nearby person. It features a built-in camera which allows you to video conference with your friends on webcam. While Chapit converses with the luster LED of the eye. Advantage and Disadvantages? The advantage is that it can recognize humans (man, woman,
child) without any programming, and it does basic tasks.

The disadvantage is that it is very expensive and it makes
people more languid. Impacts on intended audience. Chapit has impacted every day lives of normal people.
I think it is meant to impact the way people use their household items. With Chapit, people probably don't use remotes anymore for they just use the robot to turn on/off the TV and change the channel. As for Chapit's work envelope, it's head can nod and
tilt and it's feet can move independently from the body,
which can swivel in place. The eyes and mouth shapes are
built up of several LEDS that can display a small selection
of states, like opening and closing. Yes, Chapit is multi-functional. Not only can
it turn off/on lights and electronic devices, it can also
communicate by using simple gestures and facial
expressions. It can also update its data through mobile
phones with infrared capability or through wireless
connection. It's optional features (which are currently
under development) is a camera which can send images
to the user's cellphone, PDA, or laptop. Chapit can understand up to 10,000 different commands. What type of careers/jobs will this create for people? I guess that the Chapit could just probably
help for programmers so they could improve on the household object to make everyday life easier. It could also benefit housework jobs such as babysitting, chores, etc. In the future... Chapit could be modified to do more work in the house, like ASIMO. It could be changed to a bigger size or just keep it's small original size. Chapit could start to walk or run around in the house. Maybe it can clean your house in the future.
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