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venezuela be there or be square

No description

tyler batton

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of venezuela be there or be square

Venezuela be there or be square Population 279,350,000 Avarage Climate 22 degrees Wear warm materials movement Some people can't afford vehicles so they ride buses or taxis transportation Animals Capybara, river dolphins, crocodile, anacondas, and giant river otters Landforms They have mud volcanoes, caves, and lake Maracaibo Major cities latitude and longetude of Los Pijiguaos is 6° North 66°west, anD caracas is 10°NORTH and 66° WEST.
Religion 70%Roman 1% atheists 29% protestants Ethnic group Government President Hogo chavez (1999) Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arab, German, African, indigenous people Economy poor in most parts Crops corn, rice, potatoes, coffe, and Sorghum Neighbors Columbia, Brazil, Guyana, and Atlantic Ocean Industries Mining company and oil company average oil produced is 99.4 billion barrels of oil in a year natural resources Some Resources are iron ore, gold, bouxite, diamonds, hydropower, and other minerals. Sports baseball, and horsebacking food Sea food, Fish Stews, and Fish soup clothing they usually wear T-shirts, shorts, jeans, and tennis shoes imported goods milk,oil,
beef, canned tuna, wheat, soy, sunflower oil, margarine, mayonnaise and tomato paste

Exported goods Famous People Simon Bolivar and Oscar D'Leon Tourist attractions Angel Falls Coral Beach Hotel Recreational activities Christopher Columbus and Alonso de Ojeda visited Venezuela. Timeline 1498-1499 1521 the spanish build north east coast. Traditions In Venezuela, Christmas is celebrated with a number of religious and traditional customs. As a predominantly Catholic country, Christmas festivities celebrate the birth of the child Jesus. The religious celebrations begin on the 16th of December with masses said every morning until December 24th, when the religious service is held at midnight Interesting facts Found by European explorers in the 15th century.The official name of Venezuela is ‘Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’.Venezuela gained independence from Spain in July 1811. It became an independent republic in the year 1821.

Petroleum and agricaltural products. skiing and birdwatching 1812 Mar 26, Earthquake destroyed 90% of Caracas; about 20,000 died. 1914 Venezuela’s 1st oil gusher was drilled near Lake Maracibo.
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