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Animal Project

No description

jonathon seipp

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Animal Project

Badger Weapons teeth claws tough skin and fur Interesting Facts
they burry their waste outside ususally hunt at sun set homes are called setts bodies shaped to dig in soil Hunting uses teeth and claws it is slow it eats a lot of different things hunts after sunset Appearance black and white head greyish coat short,bushy tail some have a yellowish coat Size 8 to 25 pounds 20-35 inches long they are a good size in the rodent family Diet berries
and lots of other rodents Hibernation food is scarce during winter during warmer days it will look for food sleeps in under ground chambers Homes
underneath tree roots they dig dens differrent underground chambers and tunnels Pictures Bibliography steele,philip.Do You Know How Animals Live.Newyork/London/Toronto/Sydney:Warwick Press,1985. http//static.guim.co www.google images mean badger Jonathon Seipp dontstayin.com africansafari.com homepage.mac.com enimies bales bigger dogs wolverine Elmwood Nabraska billy bear.com promethus.med
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