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Jack's Run

No description

todd hackathorn

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Jack's Run

Jack's Run
-Roland Smith

About Alonzos drug cartel. When Jack and his sister got to los angeles to air on a hidden talent tv show, Alonzo gets word of their whereabouts and has them kidnapped and flown to argentina. Then jacks dad discovering this news flies to mendoza, Argentina finding jack and threatning alonzo with death. If he doesn't leave him and his family alone.
The story is told from a 3rd person point of view. This is obvious right off the bat

EX- "The phone rang but mack did not get up to answer it" pg. 1

This is important to the story because the narrator can accurately tell everything that is going on in the story and not just one characters take on the situation. Like when jack is kidnapped, he shows what jack is going through but also his parents and his sister.
Character evaluation
protagonist: The protaganist would be jack. He is the main character in the story and is the reason why the story develops the way it does. Jack is aware of his surroundings and pretty smart, but his getting kidnapped made the story get interesting.

Jack Osborne(Greene) currently lives in Manteo, north Carolina. His family is under a protection program to ensure their security from Alonzo Anzar, a drug dealer. Jacks dad was once part of Alonzos drug cartel and is willing to tell anything he knows..
Antagonist: The antagonist is Alonzo Anzar. In a way he is your classic bad guy, but in this situation he is a bit smarter and a bit more powerful, and influential. His main goal is to prevent any of the greenes from testifying against him and his crime operations. He is the one who orders the kidnapping of the greenes and makes the story progress, which is why he is significant. Also for most of the story he is in prison.
1.One conflict i found in the story would be in the beginning when jack is at his house in manteo he gets a call from their identity agent named Doris. This is sort of a passive conflict because doris just calls to check on jack and talk to his dad, but jack almost immediately brings up the topic of Alonzo and their situation with him. she doesn't exactly know how to respond, and tries to tell jack not to worry, but like i said jack is smart and knows what is really going on at the time. Alonzo is in prison but that doesn't mean he cant get to them.
2. Another conflict i found would be between Jack and his sister Christine. this takes place later in the book when Jack and his sister escape briefly to a barn in the vineyard they are held captive in argentina. Christine is caught and Jack tries to escape their hiding spot when he breaks his ankle. This not a physical conflict, but i know that if i broke my ankle because my sister did something stupid i would be pretty mad. I beleive this is just a hint of sibling rivalry.
The setting takes place in Manteo, North Carolina in a neighborhood with schools that is meant to seem like jack's
but, it is more of a prison of racing thoughts and uneasy moods. The setting changes to Mendoza, Argentina which is more depressing in the context of the story, but to me at least Mendoza was real, and jack was exposed to what was actually happening. The time is modern ( 2000's), I know this because they have cell phones and other modern luxuries. The time and setting is important to the story because the author uses it as a way to give insight as to how jack is feeling and how the mood of the story changes. Like I said Manteo to me seems more depressive when you think about what jack is going through compared to Argentina
1. "What's going on with Alonzo?" pg.8 --- This quote is significant because very early on in the book this quote gives us jacks no messing around attitude and his knowledge of his situation. These things lead to jack making the decisions he does later in the book. like escaping from captivity, and just knowing in general that him and his family weren't as secure as Doris said.

Quotes cont...
2. "Alonzo spent the entire day in his cell, monitoring his e-mail." pg. 83 --- This quote is significant because it lets us see the activities and the thoughts of Alonzo. Also it shows us how powerful he is as well as how smart he is. He can run a whole crime operation and monitor the kidnapping of 2 people from behind bars just staring at a computer screen
Quotes cont...
3. "As soon as dad gives them that stupid diary they'll let us go." pg. 149--- This helps us realize the importance of keeping the evidence that the greenes have against Alonzo safe, but also shows us that the story and the kidnapping may not be all about the diary. This foreshadowed to the fact that there is more going on in this story.
I decided that the theme of this book was perserverance and determination. I say this because through everything, moving, the witness protection program, getting kidnapped, breaking his ankle, and just being involved in a drug crime ring in general, Jack keeps a level head evaluates his situation and keeps going."If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you. If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too." - Rudyard Kipling.
Symbolism cont...
I chose the Krusty Crab Pizza episode of Spongebob as my symbolism because through all of the events that transpire in that episode, they get trapped in the sandy desert, sand gets on the pizza, Squidward tries to eat the pizza, and finally they forgot to get the guy pop. Throughout all of this Spongebob stays calm and collected and keeps his goal in mind, and eventually tastes success. This is just like jack except a bit different.
another book
Another book I've read a couple times that is very similar to this one is "The Phantom Tollbooth." The Phantom Tollbooth is similar in the fact that it shares a protagonist whose goal is to overcome many many obstacles on an undetermined path. Both characters show perserverance, intellect and determination. Jack's Run is a bit more extreme in its methods(kidnapping, drug smuggling and such) than The Phantom Tollbooth, but both books are worth a read.
I gave this book a thumbs sideways based on the criteria of relatability, comprehendability, and plot. Some parts of this book were pretty far fetched like being kidnapped and smuggled into Argentina, but i suppose if you found yourself in jacks sort of lifestyle this might happen from time to time. Another thing was that sometimes the book is hard to follow especially in the beginning. This is because this is a sequel to "Zach's Lie", and since I've never read that book some of the beginning pages were a bit confusing. Now if you just want a simple thriller or something that will keep your interest, You may want to take a look at this book. It does keep your interest throughout most of the story.
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