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Meet Me

Meet me for wiki buddy.

Dan Keats

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Meet Me

Meet Me Dan Keats My regular wake up time is 7:30. I normally go to bed at 9 PM. AT HOME My favorite 3 things. *Programming
*Electronics This morning I
had a bagel. Last night for dinner I had a chicken wrap. Chores My special place My room If I could go anywhere after school it would be. At School The last book I read. If the school cafeteria serves ________ I will be the first one in line, but if they serve _______ I will bring lunch that day. The word I would make is. The definition is. I am really good at: I could be better at: My favorite subject is. My least favorite subject is. When I am not at school you'll probably find me at home. Because I don't do much after school. Places I've been San Francisco New York, New York Places I dream about going. Tokyo London, England Me Dan Keats
8th grade
13 years old I Live in Fox Lake, Il. My Dad My mom Me Brother
Andy My dog
Duke My school MY FAVORITE MUSIC Teckbird The only thing they talk about is technology. My 5 likes Minecraft
Arduino (micro controller)
Mars Rovers
Baseball My 5 dislikes People taking my stuff.
Saying I'm wrong.
Know it all people.
Slow computers.
The color yellow.
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