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Rizal Report

His Life, Works and Writings

Lou Iris Lausingco

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Rizal Report

Chapter 1:
What is the legal basis for teaching Rizal in higher education institutions in the country?
Why is there a need to study the life, works, and writings of Rizal according to Senator Jose P. Laurel?
What are the objectives for the teaching of Rizal's life, works, and writings based on the Rizal Law?
The Filipino youth will be able to gain incorruptible confidence, direction, courage, and determination to move forward in our people's journey towards an abundant life
Introduction of the Study of Rizal's Life, Works and Writings
By: Lou Iris Lausingco
Republic Act 1425: Rizal Law
mandates the teaching of the life, works, and writings of Rizal in all schools in the country
Rizal is the founder of Filipino nationality and the architect of the Filipino nation
There is a need to know and imbibe the great ideals and principles for which he died
What are the patriotic goals set forth by the then National Board of Education for the offering of Rizal course in colleges and universities?
To recognize the relevance of Rizal's ideals, thoughts, teachings, and life values present conditions in the community
To apply Rizal's ideas in the solution of day-to-day situations and problems in contemporary life
To develop an understanding and appreciation of the qualities, behavior and character of Rizal
To foster the development of moral character, personal discipline, citizenship and vocational efficiency among the Filipino youth
The Americans endorsed Rizal as the Philippine National Hero
Rizal as the First Exponent of Asian Nationalism
Even before Ghandi and Sun Yat-Sen began their career in political agitation, Rizal through his essays, letters, and novels had already spoken out with firmness and courage ideas on liberal democracy
These ideas include the following:
-The worth and dignity of the individual
-The inviolability of human rights
-The innate equality of all men and races
-The necessity for constitutional government
These ideas include the following:
-Due process of law
-Popular sovereignty as the basis of all political authority
-Faith in Human reason and enlightenment

These ideas include the following:
-The rights of masses to public education
-Belief in social progress through freedom
4 Major Periods in Rizal's Life
First Period (1861-1872)
Rizal learned how to read, write and listened to stories that triggered imaginative and critical thinking on his part
Values and Virtues he developed:
Industriousness instead of idleness, creativeness instead of unproductive-ness, rationality instead of blind acceptance, and dignity instead of servility
Second Period (1872-1882)
He was 11 years old and enrolled at Ateneo Municipal despite the objection of his mother
Period when the GOMBURZA were unjustly executed by the Spanish government
Rizal awakened to the abuse of the regime. He devoted himself to avenge the victims of injustices and cruelties of the Spanish colonizers
Third Period (1882-1892)
Rizal decided to leave the Philippines to escape persecution
He was always an observer wherever he went, learning from everything he saw, read, and heard
He urged the Filipino colony in Spain to prove that Filipinos can compete with Europeans in intellect and talent
Fourth Period (1892-1896)
Rizal was exiled in Dapitan
Rizal demonstrated what an individual can accomplish in such a short period of time
He was executed on
December 30, 1896
What conclusions can be drawn from the Filipino's choice of Rizal as the national hero?
Guerrero, 1998

1. Since the Filipinos love peace, they have chosen to magnify a man of peace above the men of war
2. Because Filipinos are lovers of freedom and justice, they have given their worship to a man who gave up all comforts and pleasures for their sake
3. Filipinos prize virtue more than victory, and sacrifice above success
Why was Rizal acceptable to the Americans as the official hero of the Philippines?
is considered the
First Filipino
because he is the
first to call the Philippines his Fatherland
-Rizal was already dead at the time the Americans began their aggression in the Philippines
-No embarrassing anti-American quotations could ever be attributed to Rizal
-Rizal's dramatic martyrdom had already made him the symbol of Spanish oppression
Constantino 1969
Why is Rizal a hero despite his being a man of peace and not a man of war?
He was a hero considering that he served the Filipino people by consciously articulating the unconscious course of events
Outward signs of Filipino's adulation for Rizal
First monument
in Rizal's honor is in Daet, Camarines Norte

1911 monument in Luneta
At least 2 universities are named after him
The basic unit of Philippine currency, the 1 peso bears his likeness
Now let's proceed to Chapter 2:
The 19th Century World of Rizal
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