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Martina Stoessel (Inglés)

No description

Mikel Pladu

on 12 July 2014

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Transcript of Martina Stoessel (Inglés)

Martina Stoessel
Also known as Tinni Stoessel, is an actress and Argentine singer, was born in Buenos Aires on March 21, 1997 so is 16 years old, her father is called Alejandro Stoessel, a well-known Argentine television producer and her mother is called Mariana Muzlera, also has a brother named Francisco Stoessel Muzlera and also has a boyfriend named Peter Lanzini.
In 2011, Martina Gets the lead role in the Disney Channel series called Violetta, a co-production between Latin America, along with Europe, Middle East and Africa, where she plays the character of Violetta Castillo.
Violetta is a teenager with a very special talent for singing, something that is unknown. This talent inherited it from her mother, a famous singer who died in a tragic accident when Violetta was very small. German, her father, is a successful man, and though it is severe, loves his daughter. Blinded by sadness, he decides to hide to Violetta, the past and the fate of her mother, fearing to follow the same path.After the accident Violetta moved to Madrid with her father, which the kid alone without hardly contact with other boys of his age. Despite this, German is aware that Violetta has a talent for music and encourages her to go to piano lessons, but keeps her away from singing and interpretation.Everything will change when they return to their hometown, Buenos Aires. There Violetta will begin to receive piano lessons at the prestigious school of music "Studio 21". You will know Angie, her new teacher and governess and through it, you will notice his talent. In addition, you will find new people that will accompany it on the road during his apprenticeship.Among them you will know Thomas and Leon, two guys with completely opposite personalities, who will vie for a place in your heart
First Season
After Thomas return to Spain, Violetta returns with Leon, but Diego (a new character) does everything to separate them. German always protective of Vilu (abbreviation of Violetta), but is now more tolerant. Francesca meets Marco, who falls for her. Jade and Matias hire an actress named Esmeralda to separate German from Angie, in addition to fall in love with it and then steal all your money.
Second season

Kids Choice
2012 Awards Revelation Winner

2013 Kid's Choice Favorite Latin artist Violetta Nominate

2013 Premios Martín Revelation
Fierro Winner

Kids Choise
2013 Awards Favorite TV actress Nominate

Awards and nominations
You have to put you in groups. Each group needs a sheet of paper and, following the rhythm of the song that plays in the background in our presentation, you need to make a song; a person write two sentences and cover the first (folding blade) and then someone else writes other two phrases following the second sentence of the other person and so on until you finish the song. Once finished only is ¡singing!
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