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Stride Toward Freedom/ Necessary to Protect Ourselves

Alex Franco Andres Espinoza

Alexander Franco

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Stride Toward Freedom/ Necessary to Protect Ourselves

Stride Toward Freedom/ Necessary to Protect Ourselves
Summary ( "Stride")
Opression can be fought by the people in 3 ways:
1) Acquiescence: the people accept opression/ deal with it
2) Violence: the people rebel in violent ways against their opressors
3) nonviolence: people use peaceful tactics to get rid of oppression
Summary ( "Necessary")
-When government is incapable of protecting the people and/or rights, we must do what is necessary to protect ourselves.
-Blacks should be able to do what the colonists did to win their freedom.
- In special circumstances, its necessary to take up arms, defend yourself/loved ones
Speaker: Les Crane, Malcolm X
Occasion: Interview
Audience: All Americans
Purpose: To clear up uncertainties about Malcolm X's views on Black oppression in America.

Literary Devices
Irony: those that were oppressed in the colonial times, are now oppressing black Americans
Allusion: Malcolm X refers to lynching
Speaker: Martin Luther King Jr.
Occasion: Presentation/Speech
Audience: All races
Purpose: Informing Americans about racial oppression and how to end it
Subject: Racial Oppression in the United States
Tone: formal, objective, intelligent
Literary Devices
Allusion: King refers to a line from Shakespeare's Hamlet, as well as from the Book of Exodus in the Bible
Irony: King states that violence only ends in beating itself
Relation to Themes
Dr. King's speech pushes that we should stand against racism, and use our moral compasses to do what's right. This relates to Huck Finn, when he can't decide on whether he should help Jim or not. Huck stands up against racism and the popular views of society to do what's right in his heart, just like Dr. King said in his speech.
SOAPSTone (Cont.)
Subject: Malcolm X's views on racial oppression and how it should be stopped
Tone: Informal and informative, yet accusational
Relation to Themes
Les and Malcolm clear up many of his views on racial oppression, which were thought to be anarchistic. He simply thought that black people should defend themselves, if rights were violated. This relates to "The Interesting Life of Olaudah Equiano" because in that narrative, blacks were oppressed, didn't defend themselves.
Literary Devices
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