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Written Task 1: The Rationale

IB EnglishA: LangLitSL Written Task 1 Rationale

Deborah Jean

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Written Task 1: The Rationale

How to write an excellent rationale
Written Task 1: The Rationale
Good Rationale = Good Grade!
Part 3
Literature: Text & Context
Learning Outcomes
Part 2
Lg & Mass Communication
Learning Outcomes
Part 4
Literature: Critical Study
Learning Outcomes
Part 1
Language in Cultural Context
Analyze how audience & purpose affect the structure & content of texts
Analyze impact of language change
Demonstrate awareness of how lg & meaning are shaped by culture & context
Sentence Starters
Written Task1
The Rationale: Criterion A
1 How the Content of Task is linked to a particular part of the course
2 How the Task is intended to explore particular aspects of the course (Learning Outcomes!)
3 The nature of the Task chosen (include audience / purpose / varying contexts
Part 1: Language in Cultural Context
Part 2: Language and Mass Communication
Part 3: Literature - texts and contexts
Part 4: Literature - critical study
What Parts?
Answer the Following Questions:
1. "I have chosen to create a... (outline task including reason for choosing narrative perspective and text type)..."
2. "In the text/topic, a key theme/idea is... I wanted to express this through..."
3. "In order to show my understanding of... I have.."
4. "I have chosen to write for... because..."
5. "One challenge I encountered was... however, I overcame this by..."
Learning Outcomes
We looked at:
Language & Gender

1. Examine different forms of communication within media
2. Show awareness of potential for educational / political / ideological influence of the media
3. Show the way mass media uses language & image to inform / persuade / entertain
1. Consider changing historical
/cultural / social contexts in which texts are written / received
2. Demonstrate how formal elements of text / genre /structure influence meaning AND be influenced by context.
3. Understand attitudes & values expressed by texts and their impacts on readers
1. Explore literary works in detail
2. Analyze elements such as theme / ethical stance or moral values of literary texts
3. Understand & make appropriate use of literary terms.
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