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21st Century Skills - Workshop for Moodle

A workshop to promote Moodle literacy.

Leslie Davis

on 3 May 2015

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Transcript of 21st Century Skills - Workshop for Moodle

Are we prepared?
Meeting the Needs of 21st Century Learners
Project/Problem-based Learning
The Networked Student
Making a website for poetry portfolio
Audio editing and podcasting for interview
Video editing for short movie assignment
Digital comic creation for graphic novel
Various presentation tools
Discussion Forum
builds connections and class community
contributes to the development of cognitive, critical thinking, and writing skills
allows time for thoughtful, in-depth reflection on course topics.
facilitates exploratory learning
empowers students to express themselves
Learning is a process of connecting information.
"...students are more engaged in the learning process and graduate better prepared to thrive in today's global economy."
Other digital and collaborative tools
Concept maps
Story writing
Text to Speech/Movie
= motivational and authentic
Best practices
establish and communicate discussion board ground rules
determine and communicate how you will evaluate students’ participation
engage your students by asking good questions to get discussions going
Pedagogy of a Wiki Activity
Classroom Instruction
Student Created Online Content
Cooperative Learning
Teacher Created Online Content
For English:
For Socials:
For Math & Science:
composition/journal/values topics
concept development
essay topic prep
role-play for empathy development
response to a Khan Academy video
discussion on an experiment or simulation
review of a science website
students motivated - expression other than text, public space promotes pride in writing, authentic
promotes information literacy and citation accuracy
can view history of all Wiki pages = witness all changes and observe the revision process from beginning to end
student controlled and centered space = can take leadership roles
all students must collaborate, but teacher is able to track individual contributions and participation
teaches students important skills about online writing
allows students to provide one another feedback, thus shifting the role of the instructor.
class notes
unit summaries
concept or topic expansion
digital story
biographies of key players
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