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Mgmt 178 - Week 9 Presentation

No description

Magdalene Jayarethinam

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Mgmt 178 - Week 9 Presentation

Strategic Implications of Emerging IT Platforms: Public Cloud Services

Case Study: Netflix
“The competitive necessity for business agility…requires that all businesses prepare to adopt public cloud services” (Mooney, Ross, and Phipps 3).
Choosing a reputable vendor is vital
Advantages / Disadvantages of Public Cloud Services
Amazon Web Services
What is AWS?
Cloud services provider
Key benefit of using AWS:
Opportunity to replace capital infrastructure expenses with lower costs that scale with business.
Benefits of AWS
agility and instant elasticity
open and flexible
low cost
Common uses
Application hosting
Backup, storage, databases
Content delivery
High performance computing
On-demand workforce
Search engines
Web hosting
Media and entertainment hosting

Example: IMDb
Most popular source for TV, movie and celeb content.
More than 100 million unique visitors per month
Why AWS?
Quick search queries
Distribute content close to user base to get faster search results
Well-Known Users of AWS
Reddit Lionsgate
Scribd 9Gag
Spotify Netflix
Lamborghini CDC
Vodafone foursquare
AWS Cloud Outage
59 minute outage in August 2013
Netflix, Heroku, Pinterest, Mashable, Instagram, Vine, and many other companies went down.
Cause: Severe thunderstorms and massive power outages
North Virginia
Outages of 2013
Dropbox (twice), Facebook, Microsoft (twice), Google Drive, CloudFlare, Twitter...to name a few!

Benefits for IMDb
No maintenance
Ultra fast, scalable, and reliable search worldwide
Hosting latest movie trailers
Public Cloud Services
Disadvantages / Risks
The BIMmers

Cloud Computing
Works Cited/Consulted
Happened again a month later
Partnering with AWS
Engineers focus on product innovation
Software for streaming from any device developed & deployed using AWS's services
Netflix.com, Xbox, PS3, Wii, AppleTV, iPhone, and iPad
Increasing growth = software layers must handle horizontal scaling
Cost-effective and reliable
Search engines, recommendation systems, A|B testing infrastructure, streaming servers, encoding software, huge data stores, caching architectures, various SQL and NoSQL solutions
General Benefits
No need to worry about storage space
Quick and easy access to information
Easy to update and maintain
Christmas Eve 2012 Outage
AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)
Data deleted accidentally
Netflix streaming went down for 7 hours
Took 2 hours to figure out problem
Problem was solved the following day
Lessons Learned
Changed access-control of ELB
Modify recover process to make it faster
Isolate to more regions so that outages will not affect all
Maybe running Netflix in more than 1 AWS region?
Dependent on internet connection
Data Integrity, Security, Privacy
Hybrid models: compatibility issues
Difficulty switching providers
Long-term viability
“…the combined downtime at 13 major cloud service providers [was]
568 hours
since 2007—with an economic impact on customers of at least
$71.7 million
” (Kopytoff).
Security Concerns
Third party certifications and audits
Hybrid model
sensitive data in-house
non-sensitive data in cloud
Model for enabling on-demand network access to a shared pool of computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction

Top 5 cloud computing services

1. Email on the go
2. Data Storage over Wi - Fi
3. Collaboration work
4. Virtual office
5. Processing power

75% of businesses utilize these services

Bhuvan Potluri, Magdalene Jayarethinam, Samah Malik, Patricia Mora

By next year, corporate spending on these services will exceed $70 billion
Advanced Benefits
Frees up IT Executives
Encourages Innovation
Although there are many benefits,
companies must be aware of the disadvantages.

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