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DRM in D-Cinema

No description

Ville Välivaara

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of DRM in D-Cinema

Digital Rights Management in Digital Cinema Ville Välivaara Structure DRM, Digital Cinema DCP, KDM Summary DRM (Digital Rights Management) Method for copyright holders to control whom has access to their digital data. Used in games, videos, music, movies, D-cinema, etc. Digital Cinema Cinema which displays motion pictures with digital setup Meets the DCI(Digital Cinema Initiatives) specifications. Resolution min. 2048×1080(=2K) pixels with 24 fps. Capable to play Digital Cinema Packages(DCP) Several other requirements Video Audio The path of motion picture Post-Production Video Audio KDM (Key Delivery Message) DCP (Digital Cinema Package) Collection of digital files Video Audio Subtitles Usually stored in hard drive Encrypted with AES 128bit "Key" for opening the DCP XML file Linked to specific screen and DCP Defines the time window in which the DCP is playable Digital Cinema DCP is loaded to screen server Discussion Path of motion picture 30.11.2012 DCP Subtitles DCP Schedule for DCP is made and sent to distributor for approval Distributor Approves the schedule Approach the studio about sending KDM(s) to the cinema Studio Creates the KDM(s) for the specific DCP Sends KDM(s) to the Cinema KDM Cinema KDM(s) are loaded to screen server Press Play Summary For playing a DCP you'll need a KDM KDMs are linked to the specific DCP and to the specific screen in cinema KDMs determines the time window in which the DCP is playable E.x You have DCP(=movie) called 007 and KDM for it in screen 1. You want to play this DCP in screen 2. Transfering the DCP to another screen is no problem, but you'll need to order KDM for screen 2 to be able to play the DCP. (DCP=Movie) Motion picture in big screen References Digital Cinema Initiatives, L., "Digital Cinema System Specification V 1.2", 07 Mar, 2008. BARCO DP2K-32B - Owner's manual Yeonjeong J., Jungsoo L, Kisong Y., "Implementation of KDM system based on DCI", ICACT), 13th International Conference on , 13-16 Feb. 2011 Questions? What did you know about film securing beforehand? Do you feel this is reliable way to secure films from privacy? why/why not?
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