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Hannah Han

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Virginia

Population: over 350,000 By: Hannah Han Crops Famous Residents Thomas Jefferson Captain John Smith Captian John Smith was born in Willoughby, England. He loved reading The Knights of The Round Table. He wanted to go to sea so he sold all his school books to raise enough money. His dad found out what he was going to do so he put a end to it. When John was 16 his dad died and his mom remarried. After that he went to the Netherlands and stayed there for 3 years. He also fought for Dutch against the Spanish. At 19 he returned to England and lived in a private wood to practice hunting deer, read warfare and practice lancing on horseback. Then he went to Hungary to fight the Turkish. He was hurt so was captured by the Turkish and so he became a Turkish slave. Then he killed his master and escaped in 1604. He heard that there was an expedition to Virginia so he joined. He was finishing Cheapeake Bay when a stingray whipped him on the wrist. He thought he was going to die so he had companions dig him a grave. But he survived and the stingray became his supper. After all of that happened he made a map that people used for nearly 2 centuries! In 1609 he got injured by gunpowder explosion so he went back to England. He missed America so he came back to America in 1614. Then John wrote a book. He named it New England. He also wrote many other ones. Captain John Smith died peacefully at the age of 51. 1580-1631 Corn Beans Pumpkins Melons Tobbaco Fish Deer Elk Bear Wild Turkey Bison Wild Oat Oysters Mussel Sunflower Seed Thomas Jefferson was born in Shadwell in his dad's in central Virginia's Albemare County. The first 14 years of his life the state was divided into Shadwell and Tidewater estate called Tuckahoe. When he was in Tuckahoe he learned how to dance and play the violin. Thomas used to swim and fish in the Rivanna River. He usually read his dad's books(Shakespeare, Swift and others). When he was 14 years old his dad died and so he inherited Shadwell. It was 25 hundred acres of land and had several dozen slaves. He attended a college called College of William and Mary. Thomas studied astronomy, law, mathamatics, music, history and polotics. He graduated at the age of 19. When he was 26 he was elected for Virginia's House of Burgesses. After that he was chosen to delegate the Second Continental Independence in 17 days. It was written in June 4, 1775. From then on it was the best loved document. Thomas was also elected to be governer of Virginia. He was governer for 1779 to 1793. He also was the first US secretary under President Washington. After that he became the third president of Virginia. He was president for 1801 to 1809. Thomas made Virginia twice the size and kept the country out of war. He usually said,"It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing". He founded Univirsity of Virginia. Thomas also opposed slavery. He was an ameteur scientist and lots of people called him Mr.Mammoth because of his prehistoric bones collection. He was an outstanding concert violinist and he invented the swivel chair. He wrote over 6,000 books! Thomas Jefferson died in the age of 83 in June 4,1826. It was 50 years after the Declaraition of Independance was written. Founders Virginia was found in 3,000 B.C. by the Native Americans. In 1570 Spanish missionaries made a settelment in Virginia. Then in 1585 Queen Elizibeth named Virginia by her name "The Virgin Queen". In 1600 there was 20,000 Native Americans. Finnaly in 1607 Jamestown became the first permanant settelment. When Christopher Columbus found America, he thought it was the land of gold and riches. Spanish explorers folowed his route and searched for gold. The Virginia colony Jamestown Maps of Virginia Bibliography 1743-1826 Tools Sinew-used like string to attach stone to point. Spear, Hook & Net-catching fish Crops are the types of food that the Pilgrims harvested for the winter. Crops are all different types of food. They are all edible. Lots of the crops are grown. The Pilgrims lived because of the crops. Virginia Tobacco Lumber Product Products are things that the place has naturally made in their land. In Virginia the main produts are tobbaco and lumber. There a lot of other products in Virginia too. Doherty, Craig A., and Katherine M. Doherty. Virginia. New York: Facts On File, 2005. Print.

Fradin, Dennis B. The Virginia Colony. Chicago: Childrens, 1986. Print.

Pobst, Sandy. Virginia, 1607-1776. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic Society, 2005. Print.
CRAFTSMAN Preacher-responsible for spiritual health of Virginia and conducts services and preform religious rights for newcomers. Carpenter-built furniture, tools, farm implements, wagons and houses also took care of wooden hull and repaired damage. www2.vcdh.virginia.edu/teaching/jamestown/jobs_1.html Blacksmith-made iron tools for farming and building in a warm forge. Sailor-had navigaition skills knew the workings of a ship. Barber-trimmed beards and hair and also preformed or assisted surguries and dental operations Tailor-made clothes out of cloth material and leather for gentelmen fashion Tradesman-went to the interior of colony to trade British items for Indian furs, goods and usually food.
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