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Amy Ge

on 16 January 2013

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SWOT ANALYSIS: APPLE vs. ANDROID Comparing the two most prominent mobile operating systems on the market STRENGTHS Android Apple THREATS STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES THREATS •Well-established reputation for quality products

•Excellent brand awareness that has gained fierce customer loyalty

•First to revolutionize cell phone with tempered touch screen

•Sleek and modern aesthetics

•Apple Stores offer greater accessibility for customers to purchase products whereas Android does not have their own store

•The iPhone is compatible with other Apple products such as iPod, Mac computers and Apple TV OPPORTUNITIES •Strong growth in smartphone markets to increase Apple's revenue

•Opportunity to develop iTunes for other mobile systems for strategic alliance

•Strongest developer of mobile apps

•Take advantage of growing need for productivity apps and utilities •Android is supported by Google which adds more credibility to their operating system.

•Unlike Apple’s iOS, Android is compatible with most of the devices like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericson, Micromax etc.

•Android is an open source Mobile OS which is much more flexible in terms of compatibility with other devices

•More free Apps for the Android market.

•Android is more cost effective.This allows Android mobile companies to price their products far cheaper compared to Apple •Less multimedia support for Android mobiles compared to Apple which uses iTunes

•Since most apps are free, the apps are filled with advertisements which can be distracting and annoying to users

•Almost all Android apps require a constant internet connection to operate

•Since Android OS is used by many mobile manufacturers it has to wait for compatibility tests with those manufacturers before releasing upgraded version of its OS

•Android is always prone to external threats like malwares as it is developer friendly and source code can be manipulated •If Apple makes iOS compatible with other devices, Android's market share will greatly decline

•There are many substitutes in Mobile OS like Symbian, RIM, iOS, Windows etc

•Android is prone to security threats like malwares and viruses which can impasse the mobile

•Downloading apps from untrusted sites may lead the entire system to crash WEAKNESSES •iPhone is very costly if not bought second hand or with a term plan from service provider

•Apple iOS is not as customizable as Android. The interface of phone is unchangeable

•The iPhone operating system is exclusive to Apple whereas the Android system is used by several companies like Samsung, HTC and LG

•Fewer free apps than Android

•Many bugs with new map in the recent iOS 6 update OPPORTUNITIES •Android OS is developer friendly which can result in development of advanced apps compared to Apple’s OS

•Better handset layouts, storage, connectivity, messaging, Multiple language support, web browser, Java support, Multi touch, tethering, screen capture are some areas that Android is excelling in

•Growth of developing countries in Asia and Africa is on the high, and hence it has triggered up sales of smart phones
•Death of Steve Jobs hinders Apple's development

•Flood of Smartphones in the market that share a similar design to the iPhone for example: Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Blackberry 10

•The rising popularity of Android's OS especially in Asian market Amy Ge

Relaxation, The Natural Way

Victoria’s only 5 star oceanfront resort, the Brentwood Bay Spa, strives to reflect the beauty and tranquility of the West Coast in all aspects of its spa. Drawing much of its inspiration from the island’s natural surroundings, this spa channels the most therapeutic facets of nature into its unique spa rituals that soothe the mind, body and soul.
The spa, which boasts a West Coast contemporary feel, also incorporates the natural elements of the island into its design. Made mostly from wood, stone and glass, the Brentwood was built to mimic the beautiful environmental setting of Victoria, BC. Clear, broad windows present guests with an unobstructed view of the vast ocean water and lush, green forest, leaving them at total peace with themselves and their surroundings.
“We like to never say no.” Kelsey Rogers, Spa Manager of the Brentwood Bay Spa, says about the unique experiences the spa has to offer. The Vino Stomp Pedicure, the most delightfully unusual treatment, offers all the benefits of a conventional pedicure but with a unique twist. Whole, locally grown wine grapes are added to the foot soak for clients to crush with their feet, all the while releasing antioxidant benefits. This lavish treatment also includes a grape exfoliation, vinotherapy foot massage, paraffin dip, a glass of wine to enjoy and even an OPI polish to take home. The Brentwood is an avid fan of vinotherapy treatments which focuses on utilizing wine externally rather than internally. Inspired by the wineries on the Saanich Peninsula, the spa incorporates the luxurious liquid to spice up dull, traditional spa mediums. Vinotherapy, which is infused with rich antioxidants and minerals, is the perfect treat for wine-lovers.
One of the most demanded treatments, says Kelsey, is the Essence of Life Signature Wrap. “The treatment begins with a green tea and seaweed body scrub followed by an application of the glacial clay wrap. While you are bundled in the wrap we perform a mini facial and scalp massage. We then remove the wrap with our Vichy shower. You are then moved to a massage bed and we perform a full body hydration with a seaweed body butter leaving there skin mineralized and deeply hydrated.” The treatment is meant to hydrate, detoxify and infuse minerals into the skin and like most of what the spa offers, is extremely flexible to suit the needs of each client.
As for the Brentwood’s massages, such as the West Coast Hot Stone Massage, they can be tailored to meet specific needs of each individual customer. “Each treatment can be adjusted for the guests’ preferences depending on the areas they would like focused on. Heated basalt stones are placed on either side of the spine, underneath the back, with large warm stones placed down the front of the body. The therapist will then use stones to actively massage the full body, front and back.” With a consistent clientele of honeymooners, it’s no wonder that the Brentwood Spa maintains an extensive spa menu of couples treatments for partners looking for a little TLC. Among the list is the Essence of Life Signature Massage Duet: a smooth flowing massage combined with hot basalt stones, local seaweed and an exfoliation for feet and back, turning even the most rigid of couples into lithely lovebirds.
When it comes to attracting the attention of foreign visitors, even Victoria’s endless tourist must-sees are no competition for this spa. Those who step foot into the spa are charmed to return and it seems the Brentwood has discovered their own little secrets to building a band of loyal clientele. What keeps guests coming back for more, says Kelsey, is the accommodating, attentive staff which strives to pamper their guests with treatments that target specific problems. “We want to make our customers feel amazing.” It also doesn’t hurt that all guests have access to the heated front lounge and pool. “We have a licensed pool deck. We are open every day of the year. Guests are welcome to use our outdoor heated pool and hot tub during their visit.” Guests are especially encouraged to take advantage of the inclusive pool service in the summertime. There are also many customer incentive programs in place to ensure clients keep coming back. “We offer a membership program that is different from every other spa. It’s works on a yearly basis where we offer monthly specials and discounts towards our treatments.”
Over the upcoming years, the spa wishes to stay consistent with its superior customer service while still evolving and adapting towards the needs and wants of its clientele. Whether a client is looking for maintenance, relaxation or a getaway the Brentwood will deliver. Guests who visit Victoria will never forget to stop by the Brentwood Bay Spa for its exclusive spa treatments and beautiful oceanfront view which serve as the perfect combination for complete serenity.

Opened: 2004
Size: 3500 square-feet
Number of treatment rooms: 8
Number of staff:14
Retail: Pevonia, Jane Iredale, Beauty Through Balance by Ancient Secrets Rich Performance Task:
A look at my work at Dovetail Communications
Amy Ge
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