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Get Prepared for Districts

No description

Krista Harrington

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Get Prepared for Districts

DARE TO BE: A WINNER THIS DISTRICT COMPETITION Climb to the top! By: Krista Harrington Are you ready to win? Then one must be confident One must look like a 'boss' NOT a high-school- er One must know the basics of PI's and how t0 be unique! Confidence is Key Recognize your talents and& good qualities: What do YOU excel at? ( no matter your level in DECA, you're a threat!) Remember everyone is in the "same boat", talk - network- help those around you. Look the part! "Fake It Till You Make It." It's never good to "Fit In" so EMBRACE your uniqueness! Speak positive. Competitors & Judges will believe you. You will go before a judge and present. Confidence shows in:
- Posture
- Your Handshake
- How you walk
- Voice Inflection How to Dress For Success! "First Impressions are EVERYTHING!"
- Men's Wearhouse LOOK LIKE A BOSS The Well Dressed Man The Checklist:
- Navy, Grey, or Black suit or very nice collared shirt.
- A tie is a must (check length!)
- Polished business dress shoes. ( NO black sneakers!)
- Matching socks
- Matching belt
- Clean shaved
- Watch is optional The Well Dressed Woman: The Checklist:
- A skirt suit is considered more formal however a pant suit is also acceptable.
- Think more conservative dress wear, no cleavage!
- Close toed shoes - Polished!
- Conservative heels or flats
- No rude or obnoxious jewelry
- Nude or Black Pantyhose! Never wear bare legs.
- Pearls are recommended
- NO SHORT SKIRTS: should be right above the knee.
- Hair up is more professional
- Nail check: no obnoxious or dark colors. Polish should not be chipped. None is better/safe. NO! Perfect! YES! NO! OF COURSE! Tips for DECA and beyond! Always be 10 minutes early Make eye contact Remove or conceal piercings or tattoos Pop a breath mint before, no gum! Always have pen and paper Iron your outfit! Avoid strong cologne or perfumes Do's and Don'ts for your tie! OH NO! TOO SHORT! Just right *should be right at your belt Introduce yourself What are PI's? Performance Indicators: Questions listed on the bottom of your Role Play sheet. Why are they important? These same questions appear on the judges grading sheet.
Shows your knowledge in marketing, promotion, finance, economics, etc.
You must include them within your presentation. Creativity is the only way your judge will remember you. Create: The WOW factor! - What's new in the industry?
- Can you tie any recent non biased news into your role play?
- What's HOT in social media?
- Create a flow chart, graph, pie chart, finance chart, etc.
- Make a contract
- Be yourself! Be fun, and create a realtionship Don't forget to convince!
Convince the judge how and why you should come in first. "this idea will work," or "I'll show you."
After you thank the judge, set up the next meeting!
Reconfirm all the benefits for him or her... or them!
if you believe in it, so will they. SEE you on stage! *your district 13 state representative DAre to Be!
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