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Benefits of Healthy Eating and Exercising in weightloss

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on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Benefits of Healthy Eating and Exercising in weightloss

Healthy Eating
Eating a proper, nutritious diet offers numerous health benefits that keep you mentally and physically well. Proper nutrition doesn’t mean starving yourself, but instead means eating a diet balanced in lean proteins, carbs and fats.

Heart Healthy

a diet low in fats and cholesterol can lower the chance of heart diseases. There are different fats and the type of fat in your diet really affect the level of risk for heart disease. Trans fat and saturated fats should be avoided due to the increased risk. But let’s face it; nobody is going to give up fried foods. So you should at least try and cut down on that fat. Diets that reduce your risk of heart disease are rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy.
Eating a well balanced diet gives you lots of energy. It refreshes you, helps you maintain healthy blood sugar and cuts all the excess fats. Small, frequent meals also help maintain energy. In addition, eating a healthy breakfast helps keep you energized throughout the day and gives you energy to exercise.

Healthy Eating = Fewer cravings
Rapid drops in blood sugar can result in unhealthy food cravings. Carbs and proteins help stabilize blood sugar to prevent those huge changes. As your diet becomes balanced with nutritious foods, you will find that horrible cravings for unhealthy food dim down over time.
Benifits of health from excercisng
Healthy Eating And Exercise
Exercise helps maintain weight loss and fight obesity. Losing a lot of weight takes both exercise and dieting, if you only exercise and don't diet you won't lose much weight, because the fat is replaced with heavier muscle mass. People who exercise are more likely to stay on a diet plan.
Research shows that regular exercise along with healthy eating, is the best and most healthy way to control weight loss. Exercise burns off the unwanted fat
Can you just exercise or just eat healthy and be healthy?
No, you must eat healthy and exercise to be healthy.
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