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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows By: J. K Rowling

No description

Jill Contois

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows By: J. K Rowling

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows By: J. K Rowling
Chapters 1-3
In the beginning of the book, Harry is sitting at home alone in his room looking through all of his memorabilia from school. Harry is to set upon a quest Dumbledore left him, to destroy horcuxes that will lead to killing Voldemort, Although this quest involves danger. Harry knew that if something wasn't done the Dursleys (his aunt, uncle, and cousin) would be harmed,so the Dursleys were forced to leave their home and say goodbye with Harry staying behind.
Chapters 4-6
In this part of the book, after the Dursleys left Harry he, also had to be transported to a different location, but this trip would be dangerous because Voldemort would be out to get him. Thirteen people came to the Dursleys' house six of those people were to transform into a replica of Harry. Each one of the Harrys was to fly to a safe house and take a portal to the burrow (Ron's house). On their journey, Voldemort and his gang of death eaters found their escape route to the safe houses. A few had been injured, one ran away, and one was killed just to keep Harry safe.
Chapters 7-9
Harry, Ron, and Hermione, now safe at the burrow. Receive a guest, Scrimgeour, the minister of magic. The minister had brought the will of Albus Dumbledore a former headmaster of Hogwarts. The minister handed out the objects written in Dumbledore's will. First, Ron received a deluminator, an object to show you the light. Secondly, he gave Hermione his copy of the book called The Tales Of The Beedle Bard. Lastly, he gave Harry the first snitch he had ever caught. Harry was also to receive the sword of Griffindor, but it was not Dumbledore's to give away. After the minister had left Harry, Ron, and Hermione were to attend Bill and Fleur's wedding. The wedding had gone smoothly until they received a patronus saying "the ministry has fallen, Scrimgeour is dead. they are coming." During the chaos Ron, Harry, and Hermione disapparated to number twelve Grimwauld Place, the safe house of the Order of the phoenix, also the house of sirius black, Harry's godfather.
Chapter 15-18
After spending a few nights in a tent, in the middle of a forest, each taking a turn wearing the locket filled with dark magic. It was too much for Ron to handle, so he left to go home. Without Ron, Harry and Hermione decided they might find another horcrux in Godric's Hollow. Home to Harry's parents who were murdered by lord Voldemort. First, Harry and Hermione visted the graveyard because, Harry wanted to find his parents tombstone. Although, they noticed someone was watching them, and followed her to her house it was Bathilda Bagshot, the author of a textbook called a history of magic. Her House was disgusting and she didn't say a word. She wanted Harry to follow her alone upstairs, when Harry got upstairs she transformed into Nagini, Voldemort's snake. Harry and Hermione disapparated to another forest to get out of reach of Voldemort.
Chapters 23-25
The deatheaters followed them to their location before they could set up an enchanted barrier, but hey did manage to warp Harry's face so he wasn't recognizable. they captured them and took them to Malfoy manor where they locked them in the cellar. The Malfoys were all deatheaters and worshipers of Voldemort. Draco Malfoy was Harry's age and enemy from school. When they were down in the cellar they saw the other prisoners Luna her dad Xenophilius, and a goblin. Bellatrix and the Malfoys brought Hermione up stairs to torture her. While that was happening Dobby a house elf came to rescue Harry and his friends. As he was rescuing them by disapparating Bellatrix threw her dagger at them. her dagger hit Doby in the stomach. Dobby had always been there for Harry. Harry had to watch Dobby die right before his eyes, and buried him the proper way without using magic.
Chapters 10-14
After Harry, Hermione, and Ron fled to Grimuald Place they were greeted by Kreacher (Harry's dead godfathers house elf), they showed him a fake locket asking if he knew anything about the real one, a horcrux. Kreacher said that he saw Mundungus Fletcher take the locket. Harry later found Mundungus gave it to Delores Umbridge. So, Harry, Ron, and Hermione created a plan to take back the locket from Delores, although since the ministry was overtaken by the dark lord their task would be tough, so they worked out a plan. It started with them using polyjuice potion to become workers of the ministry. Next they headed off to the ministry hoping that they would be able to stay together, but their 'co-workers' told them to do different things so they parted their ways. After a while they made their way back to each other in a court room with Delores, she had the locket around her neck. Harry stunned her with a spell yanked the locket from around her neck and him, Ron, and Hermione tried to escape. A deatheater followed them when they disapparated to Grimuald place, so they were forced to disapparate somewhere in a forest.
Chapters 26-29
Harry, Ron, and Hermione went to Gringots bank with the goblin they rescued to search Bellatrix's vault, which was one of the oldest and most protected. First, they had to trick one of the workers into taking them down there, Hermione pretended to be Bellatrix. Eventually they made their way down to the vault but it was guarded by a dragon. They had these noise makers to make the dragon obey them. When they got into the vault it was filled with gold, jewels, and treasures, but one strange, odd glass stood out to them, they all knew this was a horcrux. It was sitting on the top of a pile of treasure instantly Harry dove onto the treasure but it was scorching hot and every piece you touched would multiply. Covered in burns he grabbed the glass and hurried out within a split second of being crushed by all of the multiplied treasure. They were greeted by more deatheaters so they had a crazy idea where they hopped onto the dragon and flew to a beach and disapparated from there to hogsmeade, where they met up with Aberforth Dumbledore, Albus' brother. He allowed them to use a passageway into Hogwarts where Harry went to search for the diadem (crown) of Ravenclaw, and Ron and Hermione went to get a basilisk fang to destroy the other horcruxes.
Chapters 30-31
Deatheaters called for the other members of the dark force since they knew Harry was there. All of the professors along with members of the order began to set up protective enchanments to keep everybody safe. Harry found the ghost of Helena Ravenclaw who told Harry a clue to the where her mother's lost diadem was hidden. Harry found Ron and Hermione and they headed off to the room of requirement where Harry thought the diadem was hidden. They found it after looking for a while, but before they could leave Malfoy and his friends Crab, and Goyle followed them and lit the room on fire. Harry and his friends managed to escape on brooms. Despite of being enemies, they went back inside to save Malfoy and his friends. While everything was happening the dark forces broke the magical barrier and the war was on between good and evil.
Chapters 32-33
Now in full battle, Harry knew that Voldemort had found the wand he had been looking for, the elder wand, also known as the death stick. They stepped back and destroyed the glass and the diadem, and continued the search for the horcruxes. Harry knew that one of them was the snake but it was always with Voldemort. Harry had a vision that Nagini was in the boathouse. once they got there Snape a professor who had always hated Harry had been injured and was dying before Harry's eyes. Snape told Harry to take his memories. Snape showed Harry his memories of him and how he loved Harry's mother ever since he was a little kid, it also showed how he hated James, Harry's father because of all of the cruel things he did to him and still, Lilly, Harry's mother chose James over him. Harry also saw that Dumbledore said that Snape was supposed to kill him (Dumbledore) if Malfoy failed to. Dumbledore also explained to snape that Harry was a Horcrux and that's why he can do things like look into Voldemort's mind. snape was appauled by the fact that Dumbledore had been keeping harry alive to die at the right moment. Dumbledore replied by saying you can't be telling me you've liked him all along. Always Snape replied.
I think the theme of the book is to be kind, loyal, and forgiving.

Kind: I think this book expresses to always be kind because even to Harry's enemies he always had been thoughtful, caring and the 'bigger' person eg. when Harry saved Malfoy and his friends Hermione and ron wanted to leave them, but Harry knew what he had to do despite how much he didn't like them

Loyal: This book taught me always to be loyal to the ones that love you, and to stand by them when they are in need because they would do the same for you. eg. When Harry sacrificed himself to save everyone else.

Forgiving: Lastly, this book taught me to not hold a grudge and to be forgiving eg. in the book when Harry got his face warped Draco was asked to see if it was Harry, he denied it and said it wasn't him even though he could clearly tell. Harry also forgave Snape for all the wrong he had done to him after seeing the memories.

Chapters 34-36
Harry told his friends he was going to show himself to Voldemort, and there was no other way. Alone he trudged into the forest, one last time, he took the snitch and held it up to his lips, this time it opened and a little green stone with the mark of the deathly hallows engraved on it floated out into his hand. as he approached Voldemort he clutched the stone as he was killed with the killing curse by lord Voldemort. Harry was carried to the school where Voldemort gave a speech about anyone who wanted to join his 'team', but Harry rose from the dead while Nevil slaughtered Nagini and Harry killed Voldemort once and for all and the War of the wizarding world was finished.
Chapters 19-22
When Harry and Hermione were back at their campsite, Hermione told Harry that she broke his wand at Bathilda's house, so Harry took her wand and went outside the tent. While Harry was outside he saw this bright light glowing from under the frozen pond. He dove down through the ice and grabbed the object it was the sword of Griffindor, the locket around Harry's neck choked him until someone saved Harry and Dragged him onto the ground. the person who saved Harry was Ron, he said he knew he needed to come back and he followed a light coming out of the deluminator. Harry decided that Ron should be the one to destroy the locket. Ron grabbed the sword and smashed it down on the locket destroying it once and for all. when they got inside Harry and Ron told hermione that they had destroyed the locket. Hermione said she was wondering about a symbol she keeps seeing, she saw it in the book Dumbledore gave her, around Xenophilius Lovegood's neck at the wedding and in a book she took from Bathilida's house. They all decided they should go to Xenophilius' house to ask him questions about it. when they asked him what it was he told them it was the symbol of the deathly hallows, the elder wand the most powerful wand in the entire universe, the cloak of invisibility, and the resurrection stone. Before Harry, Ron and Hermione knew it Xenophilius had been working with the deatheaters, but once again they made it away back to a different location.
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