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Adfinity Group

No description

Adfort ltd

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Adfinity Group

The official meaning of the word "Infinity" is something without any limit.
At Adfinity Group, we put this into practice by not having any boundaries when it comes to the services we offer to our clients.

We device, manage and execute full advertising campaign structures that provide a solid framework into which we pour the building blocks.

All this is built on the foundation of clever creative concepts and finishing touches include the smart use of technology and media.

We also believe in having "Affinity" with each and every one of our clients. We choose to work with people only when it feels right and don’t work for you but with you, like an extension of your team.

Branded Entertainement
Media strategy

Adfinity "
Adfinity Group
What better way to tell your brand 's story than by actually telling a story ?
We can put your brand essence in the middle of engaging content that your customers will appreciate.
All working together, our designers,writers,artists,architects,and strategists can bring your brand to LIFE!

How do you create the right message that will accelerate your sales?
There is no single answer,but we will work with you to figure out the best creative strategy that will meet your USP and will put in LIGHT.

While we can't read minds, we do have the ability to use actionable insights to get an inside view of the customer journey.
By discovery their needs, we can help you put together effective media strategy to move your customers behavior...
At Adfinity group , we are innovating by "Trading" media and not "Buying" it specifically...
The "traditional medium" formats have disappeared with the time, so we are very flexible with our clients and are adapting ourselves to the target audience response.
The key is to understand the client's target audience and to use the right message to the right person at the right time !

We have strong partnerships with economic, news and entertainments channels all around the world.

Our expertise is mostly TV oriented , but we are enjoying excellent preferential rates on the digital, online and pre-roll TV replay with these same groups.
We don't just call it "Brand Identity Group" because of the initials.
That is because of the job we are doing and the ideas we are creating...

Attracting consumers is one thing but keeping them on a long term relationship is another...
We can help you manage your relation with your customers and built a loyalty union.
We will help you to not only meet their needs but anticipate them, too.

"BIG" services :

Public relation
International Event
Sport Sponsorship
Radio, press, mini sites
Consulting, Branding, Packaging...
Helping you to find inspiration.

We will be happy to work with you ...

Please leave your details, our Account Manager, will be happy to answer all your needs, even the tiniest
Click here to follow us on facebook

To discover our world...
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