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Emily Dikinson

Biography on Emily Dickinson

Alexis Cordova

on 19 January 2011

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Transcript of Emily Dikinson

Emily Dickinson She had an older brother named
William Austin Dickinson.
Also, a younger sister named
Lavinia 'Vinnie' Norcross Dickinson She had an early education. She studied classic literature, the writings of Virgil and Latin, mathmatics, history, and botany. Graduated from Amherst Academy on August 10, 1847 At the age of 17 she attended Mount Holyoke Female Seminary. In South Hadley, Massachusetts. Born in Amherst Massachusetts on December 10, 1830 Died on
May 15, 1886
She was the second born Child to Emily Norcross & Edward Dickinson. She stayed for less then a year. Some theories of why she left were that it was due to homesickness and or health issues. Then Emily started writing her first poems. In 1855, Emily & Lavinia spent some time in cities of Washington D.C., Philadelphia & Pennsylvania. In 1856, Samuel Bowles, the editor of Springfield Republican published a few of her poems. They became good friends and their was a possibility that he was the object of affection in some of the poems she wrote. In 1862, Atlantic Monthly was requesting poetry submissions, She submitted a few of her poems. She had a correspondence with Thomas Wentworth Higginson, the editor. Thomas tried to correct her work but Emily refused. 1864 &1865, Emily went to stay with her cousins in Boston.
In order to see an eye doctor. Thereafter she was forbidden from reading or writing. In the early 1870’s Emily’s ill mother was bound to bed & Emily and her sister cared for her. Around that time her Father Died in 1874. At that time she stopped appearing in public. Although she would write letters to her social contacts. While enjoying her solitude she tended the homestead’s gardens. In 1876, Samuel Bowles & Charles Wadsworth both died and were good friends of Emily. In the same year her mother gave in to her illness. Then a year later her Nephew Gilbert Died. She herself was diagnosed with Bright’s Disease - an illness that affects the kidney. With symptoms of chronic pain & edema, which also contributed with her solitude from the outside world. Soon after Emily Dickinson passed away.
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