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Mia Hess:Pandora

No description

MR. S.

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Mia Hess:Pandora

Mia Hess:Pandora
Net Neutrality
treating all internet content equally such as a small buissnes website and a high school students blog
Net Neutrality
the internet's guiding principle
Net Neutrality
Net Neutrality
preserves our right to communicate freely on the internet
Net Neutrality
Preserves the right to communicate freely on line
Net Neutrality
most internet providers have treated internet traffic equally
Net Neutrality
Without net neutrality cable and phone services could carve the internet into fast and slow lanes
The principle that internet service providers should enable all content regardless the source
stream music from different costumized radio stations
Pandora is available in America, New Zealand, and Australia
Pandora was founded in Oakland, California in 2005
Operating systems include iOS devices, Android, and Black Berry
Does Pandora use Net Neutrality?
Yes, Pandora uses Net Neutrality. When users use Pandora, they all have equal access
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