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CAM: Biofeedback

Dennis Kan

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Biofeedback

What is Biofeedback Example of Biofeedback Devices Biofeedback Dennis Kan, Don Wengert, Jessica Simson,
Kendall Kessler-Hons, Paul Neil Technique to improve health by using signals from own body. Interpreting these signals may lead to control of body functions and processes Physiological change occur with though, emotions, and behavior Body signals maybe read and measured by machine Electromyograph Feedback Thermometer Electrodermopgraph Electroencephalograph Photoplethysmograph Electrocardiograph Pneumopraph Capnometer Hemoencephalograph Perineometer StressEraser History Claude Bernard
1865 J.R. Tarchanoff
1885 J.H. Bair
1901 Alex
Graham Bell Edouard-Leon
Scott Norbert
Wiener Conference of 1969:
Wiener's Feedback??? B.F. Skinner Maia Lisin
1965 H.D. Kimmel
1974 Relevance to Nursing Practice CAM is becoming more common Promotes Caring Increases Knowledge Enhances Nursing Practice Significance Anorexia Nervosa Anxiety Autism Asthma Pain Bed Wetting Constipation Depression Diabetes Related Seisure
Disorders Head Injuries High Blood Pressure Learning
Motion Sickness Muscle Spasms Sexual Disorders Spinal Cord Injuries Application to Nursing Practice Uses for Biofeedback Discussing the possible benefits of bio-feedback sessions
Applying the principles of biofeedback to our assessment and treatment of patients

Definition: Caring is a universal phenomenon influencing the ways in which people think, feel, and behave in relation to another (P&P, 96) Caring is of vital importance to nursing. By using all of our resources to help the whole person we can effectively work within the multi-disciplinary team caring for the patient. Bio-feedback can be used as a tool to educate or as an out-patient treatment ordered by a physician. Promote Caring NUR 205L Sec. A Group Z Biofeedback for Hypertension Menninger Foundation History Psychophysiological
Assessment Technique Research Articles Results Active Treatment Nonintervention Control Works with... Everyday Biofeedback Headaches 90% Report
Functional Impairment 50% Bed Rest Medications:
Costly and Often Ineffective Biofeedback:
Proven Highly Effective Audio/Video Material
for at Home Setting Be Safe Specialist Performing on Self No Side Effects But Are You Benefiting? www.aapb.org Best Experiences Once a day Change bad habit Responsible Over All Lifestyle
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