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The Borrowers

No description

cade cameron

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of The Borrowers

The Borrowers
by Mary Norton

Class of 2019 & 200 pages
Created by Cade Cameron & Hunter Perkins
Main Idea
The main idea of the whole story is there is this girl named Arrietty, her Mom and Dad. All of them are small people that borrow items from the normal people that live in the house. One day when a young boy moves into the house he finds Arriety and follows her to her house underground.
The category of the story is character vs. character because the borrowers don't want to leave and the humans are
to get the borrowers to leave by using their ferret.
The conflict of the story is when Arrietty gets seen by this boy which she thinks a
and said "there is more of us."
Arrietty's dad gets home late when he was looking for some more
belongings to borrow. He was seen by a boy that lives in the country house. Arriety was note seen and did not want to move.

Rising Action
The climax would be two of the borrowers have been seen but only the dad is
and Arrietty is not worried.
The setting of the book is in the 1800s-1900s in England. Some people also might say that the setting is in the cozy country house in England. In the borrower point of view, would be in their house under the wooden floor.
The time of the story would be in the late 1800's or the early 1900's
The location would be in England and in an old country house in England which is not tumultuously.
Major Characters
The protagonist is Arrietty because she is the one who made the whole story.
The antagonist is the humans because they want the borrowers to leave.
The supporting characters are the boy, Arrietty's mom and dad because they want to help keep there home.
This book is fantasy because you really can't have small people in the real world.
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