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Diagnosing Lennie in Of Mice and Men

A presentation to accompany an oral report based on a research paper. Serves as my english final and an IB IA.

Adam Mumford

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Diagnosing Lennie in Of Mice and Men

Lennie: A Diagnosis By Adam Mumford Symptoms Unusual strength and stature

Childlike demeanor and behavior, evident of mental retardation

Problems with retaining memory, cognitive disability

Experienced hallucinations Possible Diseases Exhibiting these Symptoms: Size and Strength Steinbeck's description and representation in the movie

Instances of using strength
Lennie's pets
The girl from Weed
Curley's hand and wife Behavior Petting things

Social awkwardness and repetition
The rabbits Intelligence and speech Cognitive Disability Lack of linking actions with consequences

Problems with remembering important details

Cognitive disability and strength Hallucinations End of work, near Salinas river

Sees hallucinations, statd that they talked in Lennie's voice

Saw Aunt Clara and a rabbit Possibly stress related Gigantism and Acromegaly

Dissociative disorders

Autism Dissociative Disorders Definition

Dissociative Amnesia

Other factors distorted Likelihood of being related
Memory problems and hallucinations
Emotional trauma? Gigantism and Acromegaly Definition

Excessive growth of bones

Distortion of features Likelihood of being related
Strength Autism Definition Likelihood of being related
Social awkwardness
Petting things
Inability to learn
Violence when interrupted Diagnosis Physically- Gigantism/Acromegaly

Mentally - Autism Treatment Time period

Today 1930s Mental asylum

Symptoms of autism likened to schizophrenia

Various "treatments"

Unlikely chance of recovery, death almost certain. Today Help from an early age

Behavioral therapy

Controlled learning environments

Symptoms lessened and treated

Normal life possible
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