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Brown v. board of education

No description

Fernanda Delatorre

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Brown v. board of education

Brown v. Board of Education
An Event that happened during the Brown v. Board of Education National Association for the advancement of color people challenged school segregation in a series of court. In this court it was discuss a required "tangible" aspects of segregated schools to be equivalent.
Name: Fernanda D. , Jacqueline R. , and Daniel M.
The Brown V. Board of Education started in may of the year 1954

Brown v. Board of Education happened because of the segregation happening in public schools.Whites and blacks couldn't go to the same schools.Brown tried and succeeded passing another civil rights movement ,but for schools.
Black and White couldn't even sit together , or even use the same public restrooms. although African americans were treated differently than other people because of their skin color. Then law was passed where there was no need for racism, so after that the two skin colors went to school together and everybody treated each other with respect the way they deserved it.
In order to racism to stop is by Whites and blacks being friends with each other. The way they could of done this is by both skin colors attending the same public environment. How ? By having White and Black colors attending the same public school. Why ? so everybody could be treated equally .
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