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Setting, Mood, and Tone: "The Gift of Magi"

No description

Savannah Williams

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Setting, Mood, and Tone: "The Gift of Magi"

By: Savannah, Kelsey, Ashley, Chadajah, Lauren, and Nia "The Gift of the Magi" What is the Setting in "The Gift of Magi?" What is the mood of "The Gift of Magi?" Setting Mood Tone What is the tone of "The Gift of Magi?" The setting of the majority of the story was at the Dillingham Young’s Flat and the stores that Della went to, to get James a present. Also where she goes into town to get her hair cut off to get money for a gift she wants to give to her husband. The mood of this story is very touching because you realize how much these two people love each other. You can tell that they would do anything to make the other one happy. The tone of this story is very affectionate.. You can tell the couple cares about each other a lot and will go through anything to get what the other one wants. Comic Strip Activity 1 Prediction Activity 3 Debate Activity 2 We will be reviewing the setting, mood, and tone in "The Gift of the Magi." After reviewing, you will be creating a comic strip to illustrate the setting, mood, and tone in the story. Individually, you will create the comic strip on printer paper. You will be divided up into groups. One group will consist of the people that think sacrificing their most prized possessions was worth their spouse's happiness. The second group will consist of those who think sacrificing their most prized possessions was not worth their spouse's happiness. You will debate whether giving up these items was wise or not. Individually, you will predict what you think the verdict of the story was. At the end of the story, it is said that the couple puts away the gifts they had gotten for each other. What do you think they did with these gifts in the future? Write your response on a separate sheet of paper in paragraph form. "The Gift of the Magi" is about a couple, Mr. and Mrs. James Dillingham Young. All of the events happened on Christmas Eve and the main lesson of the story was telling you that the more you give, the more you receive. James and Della do not have a lot of money so they had to give up what they loved and cherished the most about themselves to make the other one happy. Della went to a barber shop and got all of her hair cut of to get more money to buy a gift for her husband. She wanted to buy h a fob (chain) for his watch to hang from his vest/jacket pocket. After she got the gift, she went home to see her husband and he was very appalled about her new look. She had no hair and his gift was a brand new set of beautiful combs for her beautiful hair. He got the money to buy the combs by selling the watch to get extra money. They decided to put their gifts away until later, until they really needed them. As the Magi, we should be wise and consider the sacrifices that we make to give unto others. Summary
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