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Mission: Mars

No description

Danesa Menge

on 4 April 2017

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Transcript of Mission: Mars

Now that we know what NASA has done...
Let's take a deeper look at Mars.
Our Mission:
We have a planned manned mission to Mars in 2030. It is critical that NASA update their space "toys".
Working in groups of 4 or less, follow the Engineering Design Process to build a new Sphero Rover.
Successful Mission:
When you have completed a successful mission, you and your team need to complete a separate Blog and create a video of your process for NASA (include in your blog!).
Mission: Mars
New and improved rovers will be
essential in increasing our knowledge
of Mars and ensure successful
colonization of the red planet.
Define the problem
How have others approached this problem?
What are the constraints?
Generate ideas
Draw a sketch of your design that will be your blueprint.
Choose the best idea
Draw diagrams
Make a list of materials
List the steps to take
Specify requirements
Build a prototype
Drive your rovers on
the Mars simulated surface
Calculate the time of each test.
calculate the average of all tests.
What was good?
What was bad?
How can you improve your rover?
Modify your design
You should drive, test, modify
AT LEAST three times.
Take pictures and videos of your

Don't forget!

You will need to LEARN how to drive
your Sphero Rover and how to CODE it!
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