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Should Teens be Able to Buy Violent Video Games

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Addison Frogley

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Should Teens be Able to Buy Violent Video Games

Should Teens be Able to Buy/Play Violent Video Games?
Violent video games help teens be violent without being violent. Which means you can be violent in a virtual world without being violent in the real world.
Scientist shows that it may cause some aggression but not as much as people may think. they may hit but not are a light hit.
Are they going to be aggressive?
What do violent video games do besides cause aggression?
It helps teens take out stress from school and other things that bothers him/her.
What do scientists say?
Some research that scientists did prove that girls, who play for years have just the same change as boys who play for years.
Like I said before it helps relive stress. It may be because of how bad the teens background was. Also it gives them a whole new world if they don't have anybody in the real world.
Why would teens wan to play violent video games?
Even though Violent video games are somewhat bad it helps with a lot of things. It helps with stress. It allows you to take your violence out on something else. It gives you a new life that you can never have outside in the real world.
by: Addison Frogley
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