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What is conflict?

Understanding what makes a story (plot) interesting!

Brittany Forbes

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of What is conflict?

Understanding what makes a story (plot) interesting! What is conflict? Conflict is the tension or problem in a plot. What is conflict? You cannot have a plot (story) without conflict! Do you see conflict in this picture? What other conflicts can you brainstorm? There are two main types of conflict: internal and external. There is only one type of internal conflict, but many examples of external conflict. What are the types of conflict? For example:
Simba vs Scar External Conflict: Character vs Character Do we see character vs character conflict in this picture? Example:
Simba vs The Pride External Conflict: Character vs Society Do we see character vs society in this picture? Example:
Simba vs The Desert External Conflict: Character vs Nature Do we see character vs nature in this picture? Simba vs Himself Internal Conflict: Character vs Self Do you see character vs self in this picture? Summarize what you learned today about conflict. You and your group will work together to create a conflict for another illustration. Let's practice one together.
What conflict do you see?
When you and your group get together you first need to decide who will complete which task:
1. Group Leader - Keep the group focused!
2. Writer - Write out your group's answer!
3. Art Specialist - Help your group notice details in the art!
4. Conflict Specialist - Help your group think up creative conflicts! Example Answer:
Character vs Character
A beautiful wood faerie lures unsuspecting travelers into her enchanted forest; but, she then steals their souls with her magical harp. You have five minutes to discuss and create your conflict!
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