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Petronas Chemicals Methanol Sdn Bhd

No description

azmiratul nur omar

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Petronas Chemicals Methanol Sdn Bhd

Azmiratul Nur Omar & Viloria Sherryl

What is methanol?
Methanol is a light, colorless, flammable liquid at room temperature and contains less carbon monoxide and more hydrogen than any other liquid fuel.

CAS Number: 67-56-1

Molecular Weight: 32.04 g/mol

Density: 0.7918 g/cm3

Boiling Point: 64.7 deg Celsius

Flash Point: 11.0 deg Celsius

Fully miscible with water.
location of plant 02
PCMSB Complex Overview

Name Plate Capacity: 5000 MTPD (1.7 millions MTPA)

Process Technology: Lurgi Mega Methanol

Location: Rancha - Rancha Industrial Estate, Labuan

Onstream Date: January 2009

Production: Grade AA Pure Methanol (99.85wt%)

Feedstock: 150mmscfd of Natural Gas

Offshore Fields: Kikeh (Feed), Samarang & Erb West (Fuel)

Date of commissioning: December 2008

process of methanol production
Petronas Chemicals Methanol Sdn Bhd
sources of feed & fuel
Plant 02
Name Plate Capacity: 2000 MTPD (0.7 millions MTPA)

Process Technology: Lurgi Low Pressure Combined Reforming

Location: Rancha - Rancha Industrial Estate, Labuan

Onstream Date: February 1985

Production: Grade AA Pure Methanol (99.85wt%)

Feedstock: 60mmscfd of Natural Gas

Offshore Fields: Samarang & Erb West (Feed & Fuel)

Date of commissioning: September 1984
plant 01
natural gas
processing technique by which the molecular structure of hydrocarbon is rearranges to alter its properties.
carbon monoxide
steam reforming
air separation unit
autothermal reforming
methanol synthesis
methanol distillation
pure methanol
a chemical reaction involving the removal of sulfur from a molecule.
referred to as steam methane reforming.
common method of producing commercial bulk hydrogen.
uses oxygen and carbon dioxide or steam in a reaction with mene to form syngas.
distillation is a processes of evaporation and subsequent condensation of liquid.
separates the atmospheric air into its primary components which are nitrogen and oxygen through Pressure Swing Adsorption.
pipeline of natural gas
top view of plant 02
units in plant 02
maintenance department
electrical section
Manager Electrical
Lammama bin Biding
Technical Professional
Chai Joon Hin
Elec. Executive
Sulastrie binti Sukri
Elec. Executive
Gabriel anak Nisau
Elec. Executive
Terence Churchill anak Janang
Elec. Executive
Irenga Vel Moorthy a/l Ramasamy
Goerge bin Lukas
Haris Magasvaran a/l Subramaniam
Charles Alam
Norazlan bin Abu Hassan
Abdilla bin Amming
Poh Kwei Yu
Nicky Norosan
Ekhmal Bahari bin Amat Pardi
Abdul Sapar bin Abdul Kadir
Joebasrry bin Haisin
Mahmod bin Modreka
Muhammad Faizal bin Amir
mt-maintenance (cm)
mt-maintenance (abt)
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