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The Persian War

No description

Tripp Pugmire

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of The Persian War

The Persian War
The Begging
The Persian war started after Athens shipped weapons to Greek colonists in Turkey.
The battle of Thermopylea
300 Spartans vs 250,000
The Battle of Salamis
This was the Second time Persia invaded and it was both amazing and strategical.
The battle of Marathon
The battle of Marathon was as Cunning battle.
This movement caught the eye of the Persians.
Then the thought ocured
Why not destroy the most annoying disobeying People on OUR land?
They missed one thing though. The Greeks were smart cunning warriors.
And so the War started!
This epic battle of Thermoplyea 300
Spartans held off 250000 Persians for
Three whole days.
The Persians won the battle in a cowardly way.
A greek traitor told Persia of a secret path unguarded that lead right into their camp.
This is what the path looked like.
With This passage the Persians went into the camp at night and destroyed the Greeks.
We don't have a good record on the battle. As we are missing a lot of it.
The Greeks fought in a battle formation that included both below and above attacking.
This battle was mostly a battle upon the waters!
This is what that battle most likely looked like.
(One of Athens extremely moveable Ships)
When the battle started Persia sent a good sized navy to attack salamis.
Then Athens sent their small boats so they could literally tossed burning wood on their boats.
With this event they figuratively split their navy in two.
When the Persians didn't have a set navy decided on pressing forth and land on Greek soil.
The Greeks decided on holding off the first wave of Persians by defending them at Thermompylea, a narrow place in the cliffs.
When the Persians landed on the soil their leader Ariabignes ,Xerxes' brother, was killed almost instantly after he stepped off their boat.
When their leader was killed they were confused.
With their leader dead they were quickly killed off.
At the battle it was the Third and final major invasion of Greece.
During the battle the Greeks did exactly the opposite that the Persians thought they would.
The Greeks instead of holding them off encouraged them to land.
This forced the Persians to land but, The Spartans were waiting to demolish them.
The strategy used ended up surrounding the Persians.
Then for the last time the Persians retreated.
Thx For Listing! See ya when I see ya!
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