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Creativity, Empowerment, Risk, and Reward

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Anthony Ryba

on 14 May 2017

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Transcript of Creativity, Empowerment, Risk, and Reward

Cheryl Ryba
English Teacher
Wethersfield High School
Manhattan College
Creativity, Empowerment, Risk, and Reward
Good for Teachers, Students, and Schools
Wethersfield High School
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Mr. Robert Yarrow, Mrs. Anne Doyle, Mr. Brendan Reilly
Dr. Mary Ann O'Donnell
Irving Seidman
Which of your teachers were most effective in conjuring creativity?
How did they empower you to take intellectual risks, getting you outside of your comfort zone?
English Classes
Students learn to express themselves across a wide variety of experiences and scenarios.
Values Papers
Writing Creation Mythologies
Speakers Interviewed by Students
Wethersfield Studies
History happened, but it also is alive today.
Field trips to early American homes and local sites
Poetic Trees
Wethersfield Historical Society
Letters to Wethersfield Life Magazine
History Fair
Board of Education Meetings
Town Council Meetings
Board of Education
How have the administration and board supported your creativity and professional risk-taking?
Are your colleagues equally supported?
Would you consider your school and district unique with respect to the support given teachers and students?
Are other teachers at your school reaching beyond the traditional classroom experience?
What is the impact of their efforts on the school culture?
How ready are students to get outside of their comfort zones to embrace opportunities for creativity and self-expression in your classes?
What are some of the most impressive examples of creative student work you have seen?
Film Dramatic Production of Literature
Does the creativity and empowerment improve staff morale significantly?
Values Billboards
Poetry Forms: personal portfolio of all stages of life (k-12)

The kids ARE Wethersfield history...today's news is tomorrow's history...

emphasis on hands on history and

especially teaching lessons targeting glossed over subjects history textbooks marginalize

(Native American history, women in history, slavery in the North)
"Living History",
"Rooted Trees,
Flying Leaves"
Field trips are to museums (Webb/Deane/Stevens),

and historical society properties (First Church Meeting house/Burial Grounds).

Field trips are "hands on" not passive lecture/tours through the house (kids make inferences about the people's lives by what they left behind in the form of artifacts, etc.)
as well as fun activites (cookies over the coals, sachet making (colonial medicine), god's eyes, quill/ink writing, creating colonial horn books
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