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Investigating the Death of an Orange

No description

Jovy Lim

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Investigating the Death of an Orange

Investigating the
Death of an Orange Based on its surrounding temperature Recommendations Analysis Conclusion Gathered Data Objectives Methodology Hypothesis If the properties of orange are similar to that of the human body, then it would be logical to deem an orange appropriate for substitution to measure the length of the time since death. Room Temperature For every two minutes, the rate of change of the temperature depended on the environment it was placed in.
The larger the temperature between the orange and its surrounding, the shorter the time for the orange to reach the a thermal equilibrium of its environment. Though the recording of the rate of heat loss, the proponents of the Investigatory Project concluded that though the environment did have bearing on the pace of heat loss, the subjection of an orange to different temperatures was not sufficient enough for determining the approximate time since death. The reason being that many other factors should also be taken into consideration, factors that cannot be manipulated just like that of the situations regarding the human body. working in an enclosed area would be easier than working outdoors

assign a person who would be tasked to only taking track of and recording time.

variations that would bring about a more interesting topic Anneth A. DelaCalzada
Stephannie Monique L. Chan
Jovy Ann A. Lim
Alyssa P.Linco
Tristan Marie M.Magat
MalaikaLois T. Lucas
IV-4 a.)measure the internal temperature of the orange representing the human body.
b.)determine the other factors that could affect rate heat loss.
c.)relate the experiment to forensic science. Materials : Quantity
Oranges : 3
Ice : 3 bags
Stove : 1
Tongs : 1 pair
Tap water : 1 bucket
Timer : 1
Thermometer : 1
Styrofoam cooler : 1 Materials & Equipment Treatment/ General Procedure Warm Temperature Cold Temperature
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