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Our AVID WICOR Plan of Action

No description

Rachel Wetta

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Our AVID WICOR Plan of Action

When is it due?
1st Quarter: ?

2nd Quarter: Dec. 18

3rd Quarter: March 12

4th Quarter: April 17

We will send out calender reminders!
- To show that we are using AVID and WICOR strategies school wide

- WICOR = Best practices
(They work!!)

- To show growth in our school, program, and students over the year
How will we collect?
Each grade level team will identify TWO (2) students that they will collect evidence for.
What should be collected?
Each quarter, you should collect two pieces of evidence per student. This includes the WICOR documentation form, and a student sample.

This should be given to your team's collection person, who will then bring to AVID Site Team meetings.
What does the documentation look like?
Your collection person will be responsible for keeping your team on track!
Our AVID WICOR Plan of Action
Student Two
A non-AVID student.

Again, not a model student; an average Stucky kid.
Student One
An AVID student.
6th grade - a potential AVID student

This should be an average AVID student (not the model student).
The WICOR Form
The Student Spreadsheet
Student One
A current or potential AVID student.
Student Two
A non-AVID student.

(try to pick a student with DIFFERENT teachers than student one!)
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