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New Freeland Colony

the colony of New Freeland

Carsten Stadler

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of New Freeland Colony

New Freeland Fishing for a fresh start GEOGRAPHY ECONOMICS How We Earn a Living Rural or Urban? Our colony consists mostly of fishermen because of the abundance of water around us. We're also lumbers because there's many trees around. We
sell and trade our resources to
make a profit. We are a rural community. We are not wealthy; we are work as farmers, fishers, shipbuilders, lumbers, and trade for furs. Citizens live in small houses, own farms and barns. Summary I think that New Freeland will be a successful
colony because we know how to survive in this area. People want to come here because we have religious freedom, land, and resources. I think that if we ruin relations with the natives, we will fail, but that is prevented by our laws. I think that that we are most like Delaware because we fish and trade with the natives. Our colony really resembles none of the original colonies because of the way our colony views certain issues. I think that the original 13 colonies made a mistake by
not making very good relations with the natives,
and in New Freeland, we are establishing a good
relationship with the natives. In all, I think our
colony will succeed. Location The location enhances the colony because we
are fishermen and the abundance of water is useful.

We're farmers and the water
helps the crops grow, which we need to eat
and survive. We need the oak trees to make a shelter and profit.

We are a Middle colony. Geography and Climate Jobs- Governor- Carsten Stadler
Governor's Wife- Jessica Grayson
Lay Minister- Josh Sturm
Free-woman- Emma Voorhies
Indentured Servants-
Diana Reyes and Tehya Morgan Our Goverment Our goverment is proprietary. That means that a single person has full ownership of the colony and he gets to choose the governor. New Freeland's proprietor and governor is Carsten Stadler. A Brief History Of New Freeland The colony of New Freeland was founded by Carsten Stadler with the permission of King Charles I. After he received his charter in 1639, Carsten, his wife Jessica, the Lay Minister Josh, a free woman named Emma, and 2 servants named Diana and Theya, sailed off to the new world. The first few months were tough, but once they figured out the resources, the colony got along quite well. Now, New Freeland is a thriving town where everyone can have religious freedom. Delaware has a mild climate with the average temperature in the winter of 26 degrees Fahrenheit. It has many rivers and lakes and the East side is completely bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. To the North is Pennsylvania, to the West is Maryland and to the South is Maryland and Virginia. Delaware is very rainy and wet, raining 45 inches a year. The Delaware area is a very flat level plain with some oak forests. Founded In 1639 Goverment -All of our people are protected by a single document.
-Everyone who obeys the laws shall have freedom.
-The governor is responsible for making laws/punishments.
-If someone resists punishment, they shall be punished
more severely.
-If a governor passes away, the proprietor will hold an election
for a new governor; if the governor was the proprietor,
then it is up to the people.
-We have a peace treaty with all Native American tribes
in the area.
-The Lay Minister will always be on the council.
-Any freeman may be part of the council.
-Everyone shall have religious freedom.
-Everyone can worship on Sunday. Final Government Features THE END!
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