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Cyber Security

No description

sydnee coffman

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of Cyber Security

What is Internet security?
• Internet security
refers to the technologies and processes designed to
us while using the internet.
What's a common way people can steal your personal information?

Through social networking
Ask for personal questions like address & phone number
Lead to
"Cyber love"
Causes teenagers to runaway from home to follow their
"Internet lover"
By chatting with strangers about personal
Stranger Danger
Don't add random people as friends on social networking sites
Approving strangers as
friends can be a big mistake.
Unconsciously allows strangers to steal your information
Things to Remember
It is all about keeping
information safe
from those who wish to access it.
Why do we need to practice safe internet usage?
I'll be more careful after this...
Happy Practicing

Social Smarts
Misjudging the intention of the people who sent friend request.....
Being responsible on the internet, protects us, our employees, and our patients. Misuse of important information on the internet can lead to monstrosity with in our corporation or even in your personal life.
Never reveal personal details regarding your family or what you possess on the internet
Not Okay
"These are all of my most expensive shoes in my closet, in my house at 777 Blueberry st"
Good Job!

Beware of sites such as....
Created by:
Sydnee Coffman
Annelise Vasquez
& Andrew Coffman
HCA 2014 Summer
Work Experience Interns
Social Smarts
Internet Security
Privacy Internet & You
Created by:
Sydnee Coffman
Annelise Vasquez
& Andrew Coffman
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