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Dr. Salmon UNF 5.27.14

No description

Christine Dahnke

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Dr. Salmon UNF 5.27.14

Provide a welcoming school environment
Ask questions when you aren't sure
Create a multicultural club or group at your school
Volunteering for after-school student
Volunteering for evening activities
Translating in your language or finding a translator
How Can You Help ELLs?
District ESOL Program Model
- We expect the highest standards throughout our organization from the School Board and Superintendent to the student.
– We foster positive relationships based on mutual respect, transparency, honesty, and the consistent demonstration of actions.
– We create dynamic systems and processes that solve problems and overcome challenges.
– We promote an environment that ensures equal opportunity, honors differences, and values diversity.
– We are a community of individuals who share a collective responsibility to achieve our common mission.
Core Values

– Every student is inspired and prepared for success in college or a career, and life.

– To provide educational excellence in every school, in every classroom, for every students, every day.
Every School. Every Classroom. Every Student. Every Day.
District level support and guidance
Book and resource check out
Enrichment Classes for parents
Opportunity to learn another language
Rosetta Stone and face to face classes
Information about the acculturation process
An understanding of the American school system and much, much more!
How Can We Help You?
Ms. Christine Dahnke
Executive Director of ESOL
and World Language

Every school. Every classroom. Every student. Every day.
“A Community Conversation about ESOL”
Christine Dahnke
Every school. Every classroom. Every student. Every day.
DCPS Department of ESOL and World Languages
Newcomer Program
World Language
Dual Language
Center for
Language and Culture
"The CLC"
In the past 10 years, ESOL program has grown from 400 students to 4,000
Currently over 4,900 active ESOL students
More than 4,000 ELLs in DCPS who have exited the ESOL program
Students represent 108 countries and 84 diverse languages
ELP: English Language Proficiency
Three K-5 Elementary Schools: San Jose , Beauclerc and West Riverside
One middles School: Dupont Middle
One VPK: West Riverside
Started with only Kindergarten and added one grade level per year
Initial talks to expand to middle and high school
Over 380 students
50/50 model Spanish: English
Two Secondary Locations:
Southside MS and Englewood HS
Targeting secondary students with limited formal schooling and/or limited proficiency in English
Currently serving approx. 100 students
Refugee Agency Support
Formerly known as foreign language
Over 17,000 students involved
Six elementary schools
22 middle schools and
22 high schools
Courses offered include: Spanish, French, Latin, American Sign Language (ASL), German, Chinese, Arabic, Italian
Various ESOL Models are used throughout the district
Sheltered ESOL instruction
Contact Information
The Center for
Language and Culture
7401 Old Kings Rd. S
Jacksonville, FL 32217
904 739 4891
testing center
orientation center
multipurpose classroom
Testing Center
New Student Testing
Use “Home Language Survey” to designate testing for all new students entering DCPS
Advise parents on program options (Home School, ESOL Center, Newcomer)
Assist parents with lunch registration , transportation and registration issues, misc.
Multilingual Orientation Center
Services for Parents and Families
Complete registration forms
Information about American schools and service agencies
Information on clinics and health care centers
Provide Translations
Referrals to VPK centers and summer programs run by the city of Jacksonville

Mutli-functional Classroom
School Orientation Meetings
Streetwise and Safety
Rights and Responsibilities
Drugs and Your Kids
Immunizations & Children’s Health
Parent and Community Outreach Programs
“What Every Immigrant Needs to Know
Rosetta Stone!
A new student enrolls on March 16th at your School.
The family just moved to Jacksonville from a little town in Russia.
They had to move quickly because they were being targeted by the political powers in their town.
They left everything: their home, friends, family and most of their belongings. They could only bring one suitcase.
They hear great things about schools in the US and are excited to go to your school.
They arrive at the front office and no one speaks their language.
They can tell people are confused and frustrated with them.
The secretary brings the family back to the school counselor’s office.
What would you do?
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