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I Luv Roblox!

Roblox fricken Rules!

Thomas Li

on 31 January 2011

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Transcript of I Luv Roblox!

Welcome to the weekly subscription of I Luv Roblox! Well this week, we will be talking about tycoons. To finish easier for ppl who r rich. Buy the vip and take SOME money but not lots becuz u don't wanna finish early and it gets boring. Well tycoons r really hard to make, but if ur a really skilled builder and have bc, you will pwn at making tycoons and if they're popular, you will be really rich becuz over 1 mil ppl will be visiting your tycoon. So be sure to get ready to save your tix, turn them into robux or just waste it on stuff like adminz and vipz. Hello welcome to the second week of I Luv Roblox Subscription. We are going to
talk about sword fighting. First to pwn ppl u have to moon walk. To moonwalk first
you zoom in with the mouse then u can move around facing one way so u can attack
your enemies while running away and they can't attack your weak spot (the back).
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